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A Thestral mare who enjoys reading amazing stories almost as much as she enjoys writing them. Come on over to Luna's night and see just what you've all been missing in your sun-lit days.

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My Evolution as a Writer · 6:42am May 14th, 2017

Well guys, it happened again. No not another chapter, although that is technically true. What I'm saying is that I've gone through another shift in my evolution as a writer.

Let me explain.

So for over five years now I've been writing books, and I've gone through phases as an author that would then evolve into something bigger once I gained enough experience. The first shift transitioned me from little short stories that were thirty pages or less to novellas that were somewhere around seventy five to ninety pages. The next shift bumped my page count up from eighty to around one hundred and sixty. Maybe a year after that shift, my stories changed again to go all the way up to over two hundred pages. That was where I was until just recently. Exactly one month ago, my writing shifted again. However, I don't know what my new page number is. All I know is that the chapters I've been writing are over double the length of my chapters from the previous shift. Pre-shift, my chapters would average somewhere around 3500 to 5000 words. Now, my chapters are 7000 plus, with my latest chapter going well over 10,000!!!

I'm a little spooked by myself to be honest.

So, her is my little self exploration into my life as an author. Take it as you will. I won't judge you for thinking I'm weird.

Anyways, that's all for now, I'll see you next chapter,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

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