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Good Morning Equestria!!!! · 1:41pm May 9th, 2017

And happy Tuesday! You know, that one day of the week when something magical happens in Equestria? Every episode of MLP seems to take place on a Tuesday, despite airing on a Saturday or Sunday. Now, today is not only Tuesday, but also... MY SISTER'S HALF BIRTHDAY!!!! Angie's turning 11 and a half, and we've got some leftover cake from my other sister's half birthday. (Jullianna just turned 7 and a half last week, but we just celebrated the party on the 7th.) Well... if you like Tuesdays and half-birthday parties as much as I do... then LET'S PARTY!!!!!!

Report Sky Blue CMC · 178 views · Story: Cutie Mark Confusion · #parties
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Comments ( 3 )

Aw maaaan my half birthday was in December XD

We never celebrate half birthdays but whatever XD

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