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27, Female, Iowan, College Graduate. Favorite Pony: Celestia. Favorite Not Pony: Discord. Yeah, I like Equestria's Gods, so that's what most my fics are going to be about!

  • E The Steadfast Sky

    Celestia, Luna, and Discord grow into their godhood by unearthing the Elements of Harmony. EqD 6 Stars.
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  • 34w, 4d
    Oh hey look at that

    Body of Work has been put into a pony horror anthology!

    Link here!

    This was put together by the Pony Print Project, just a team looking to get fics into physical hands, if you wanna like, read some pony on planes and the subway and suchlike. It's 15$ for this volume, and their previous volume about Starswirl the Bearded, which just covers printing costs. Far as I know, nobodys making money off this deal (not even meeeee :trollestia:)

    OH GOD NIGEB IS IN THERE TOO :pinkiegasp: Well that's just fracking fantastic! If you ever wanted a thing like this........ it exists! :coolphoto:

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  • 40w, 4d

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  • 156w, 1d
    The Steadfast Sky : Final Thoughts


    Learning experience.


    I’m serious. Have you read my #writing and #writing_theory tags? I could go on for ages and ages about all the things I learned from just sitting down and making something, start to finish. I bemoan my lack of experience with endings. I talk about wanting to write a story instead of a structure. I learned how to properly edit, and that a solid outline guides my natural written flow.

    I learned what to keep and what to toss from the Stringhalt and Canterlot arcs. I learned about dramatic and intense writing from my good friend Steve, TheManWithTwoNames. I learned how to take advice and harsh criticism from my boyfriend Steve, Eddelsteinesser. I learned that having both of your editors having the given name “Steve” is HILARIOUS and worth literal hours of jokes.

    I learned how to scrap what wasn’t working, but not to throw the baby out with the bathtub. I learned how to work with deadlines in my early story, and I learned how to work without them in the end.

    A part of me, a LARGE part, is so goddamn happy that it’s just freaking over with. I wasn’t quiet when I admitted that I was slowly losing interest, in both ponies and my own characters. I complained when it got hard. I dissected my issues, and kept going despite feeling done to death.

    And yet, The Open Sky was some of the smoothest, most fun, and most easy writing I’ve done in months and months. It was like keyboard chocolate to me. And from the sounds of it, that’s exactly how it read.

    After all that stress, all that struggle. All the times I wanted to quit, but pushed forward anyway. After weaving together plot threads, sometimes with elegant grace and sometimes with yanking force. Everything finally came together into something beautiful. Never perfect. But a coherent, wonderful whole.

    I know this story will never be THE MAGNUM OPUS, BEST STORY EVER, I AM WEEPING SWEET TEARS OF JOY. But it was my first complete, extended work.

    And I will always cherish it.

    But it’s long past time that I move on.

    So, what now?

    I’m still going to release small one-shot stories here, mostly little fanfiction ideas I never got around to writing down. Maybe I’ll pick up a prompt site again, give myself something to practice on. If you have a request, I’ll actually have time to work on those, so feel free to send… whatever!

    As always, I am working as Script Team Lead on the Fallout : Equestria Unity game. There are so many talented people working for that project. We are literally GETTING SHIT DONE. We are going to CONS with ACTUAL, COMPLETE GAMEPLAY! So you can keep an eye on that if you’d like.

    And on a personal writing scale, I’m going to try and move towards writing an original novel. Something I can publish, be it through a company, or a serial release online. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m batting around, but I probably won’t talk much about them here. For one, selling them means not giving bits out for free. For two… I kind’ve like the prospect of working at my own pace, not having to work towards releasing bits online in a coherent matter. I’m wondering what freedoms come with that. It’ll be fun! Another learning experience!

    Thank you all so, so much for reading, commenting, and enjoying my cutesy little story. It was fun. It was difficult. It was an experience I’ll never regret.

    Hugs for each and every one of you ^-^


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  • 156w, 2d
    Oh my god, I am going to explode

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    On the Matter of Steadfast

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  • 191w, 17h
    One Step Closer to the End

    Yep. Another month.

    Look... I'm going to be honest here. I'm not much into ponies anymore. A lot of the reasons why I started Steadfast are gone too. The character arcs are mostly wrapped up, my ideas almost all set in motion, and I can't step carelessly anymore. Only one reason remains, the most important reason why I'm still working on this.

    I want to have the ability to finish a big, long project. To draw all the strings back together, and wrap it up neatly, and satisfactorily. That's my last challenge. Before I even make an attempt at another project, I have to know I can finish this one. I won't let myself go on without finishing this one, very important work.

    Yes. Even though I'm not feeling that strong connection anymore, The Steadfast Sky is very, very important to me. And I will not let you, me, or anyone else down.

    By the broadest estimates, The Steadfast Sky will be ending before Chapter 80.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • 199w, 3d
    New Update Schedual


    Right now, in Steadfast, I know with all my heart and soul, I am going to complete this.

    But updates are going to be slowing down. Because I want quality more than a ten-day deadline. Because patching together a rush job for a personal goal was hurting me more than helping me. And because focusing too much on Steadfast was causing a lot more problems than it solved.

    Just don't worry if updates take two weeks or more for a chapter. I am going to complete this.

    Update, hopefully, later tonight.

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  • 206w, 1d
    oh. Whoops!


    I went on a bit of a vacation. Technically, I'm still on vacation. More technically, I am in a place that counts as "vacationy" because I don't have access to my sweet rig of a desktop computer. I thought, while in this vacation-type-location, I would have a ton of free time, and with that freetime, I would be a writing MACHINE.

    Instead, I bought a bunch of cute tops and played a lot of Pokemon. Heart Gold, so I could turn around and glomp my Nidoking at a moment's notice. Apparently it was the best idea in the world to try for an ALL POISON POKEMON TEAAAAAAMMMMM. Very fun. Doesn't get much writing done. But fun is what counts.

    Technically my deadline for the chapter is tomorrow. But I suppose I'm going to have to ask my fair readers to be a bit more patient with me. Looks like it's going to be a two week wait, not a ten day wait :twilightblush:

    I leave you with a teaser: The next chapter will contain everybody's favorite ship ever. :trollestia:

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  • 210w, 4d

    not ready yet

    false alarm

    go read something awesomer

    EDIT: just needs a few quick edits, forgot it was an older draft....

    chapter should be back up in less than an hour

    EDIT2: chapter's back up. um. sorry about that, early readers. @_@

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  • 211w, 2d
    Writing requests?

    This is a link to my blog.

    You will see there, as the top post, or at least a post very close to the top, I have opened my ask box to writing requests.


    Dearest readers.

    Is there anything, anything at all, that you want to see me attempt?

    Seriously. It's like I'm up on a high dive and I'm just itching for somebody to dare me to jump.  I'm looking for a challenge, or rather, a bunch of challenges to get the brain juices flowing.

    Steadfast chapter is nearly done. I have all weekend to write.


    *cracks knuckles*

    I'm going to write.

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  • 215w, 11h
    The Ruler From Within The Locked Room

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  • 225w, 5d
    The Life and Times of Love and Harmony update!

    Right here!

    I only mentioned it because I wrote a lot of Sombra stuff this chapter, along with a bunch of other gags. And you all know how awesome I write shadow-based villains :pinkiehappy: Srsly, ManWithTwoNames made me tone him down some. He was too badass for zany screwball comedy like L&H. But i'm still proud of these gags, so I'd like to share them with you.

    Fair warning: Adult humor and Sex jokes. Nothing explicit, comparable to something like a Quagmire episode of Family Guy.

    And Cadence is Quagmire.

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  • 226w, 4d
    A longer, better explaination of the Do-Over

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  • 228w, 6d
    kindly divert thine focus blog-wise, if you would...

    ... Though this may get a little rambly. Trying to sort out my thoughts for an update.

    I know, more than anything else, that Steadfast is not, nor ever will be The Finest of All Fanfictions. It's a light story for a little bit of entertainment. Simple, cute, and most importantly, a good exercise. Steadfast has taught me so much about writing. About long-term plotting, about fixing drafts, about actually sitting down and getting work done. About doing your best, and not expecting everything to be THE MAGNUM OPUS, BEST FIC THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

    But now I'm reaching a point where I have to sit down and really understand how to tie the loose threads of a huge story together. Write an ending to not just a 6,000 word short story, but a gigantic 200k venture that's been running for an entire year.

    And I dont... quite... know how to do that.... Never have done it before, never gotten the practice for it. I mean, how can one practice that? Just thinking up a sweet ending isn't enough. This is something you actually have to write a huge fucking story for, and by that point, it's The Real Deal. Not just a little bit of training, but something you seriously need to invest time into and think real hard about.

    It would be one thing if there was a big theme, or one giant knot to be untangled. You know, if this was a focused story with a strict plot that had a clear purpose. An Anti-Steadfast, if you will. There's an ultimate goal to Steadfast, certainly, but the point, purpose, and main thrust of the story hasn't really been 100% devoted to beating the badguy, has it been? The main thrust of the story has been "we're all cool friends, and isnt that just neato?" How does one go about concluding that? Go Old Yeller on their asses and shoot childhood in the head?

    I mean

    Yeah, there's that.


    I have events. I know the things that are going to happen, and how each part leads to each other part. But I am having one hell of a time capturing the mood, the flow, and just the friggin spark of the thing. I've written almost 10k words since the Christmas special, and nothing about the next few chapters feels like its clicking. I even tried to go experimental with it, and it was still more or less completely awful.

    This is something I've wanted to write, planned for, and was inspired to do a few months ago. Now? Not going anywhere fast. No matter how many times I try to understand, revise, and "fix" things.

    So... yeah. This may take a while.

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  • 233w, 3d
    The Life and Times of Love and Harmony

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  • 234w, 6d
    Brief Update

    Hey, I know Steadfast has been kind've dragging it's feet lately. Gone on a bit long hasn't it? Well, starting in Canterlot... It'll kind've be like a slow acceleration to the end. There's still a ways to go, but I've been writing "herpa derpa lets be cute!" for far too long now. Things need to batten down and refocus. And to do that, I might go on a slight hiatus. Just need to recharge my batteries and really think long and hard about this story, and what I'm trying to accomplish with it.

    Honestly, I didn't think this story would get this big or this difficult to manage... learning experiences, am I right?! I will take these lessons, and I will do better in this next arc, and in whatever I do next!


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  • 238w, 4d
    Grey's doing NaNoWriMo!


    Hey there's news stuff.

    Right up there, above the blog


    That's going to stay there all month, because I'm going to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I'm going to use this opportunity to completely redo Steadfast Sky into the best NOT FANFICTION novel ever.

    Honestly, I can't say how often I'll update actual Steadfast Sky in that time.... but I think, with all this crazed writing going on, it will inspire me to do even more crazed writing. So! Keep your eyes and your FimFiction open. You never know what version of the story might pop up on your dash....

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  • 239w, 2d
    Nightmare Night!

    Hey! :pinkiehappy:

    Body of Work, my Nightmare Night fic, made it into the top ten on Equestria Daily! I was actually really excited to see my story there... I didn't really think I'd make it. :twilightblush: I don't have much expierence writing dark or horror....

    So, deciding to scope out the competition, I've actually spent the whole morning reading these fics. And you know what?


    Holy balls. If you don't know where to start, what to read, or who to vote for, THIS ONE (followed by mine, obviously). I had seen Aquaman's stuff on EqD before, but seriously. I am now going to check the rest of his works out. This guy is fantastic.

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A Spy. A Scholar. A Musician. A Magician.  Trapped in a city of shadows and nightmares, four teens bridge the barrier between their worlds

Well hey look at that! A story that is totally 100% original and definitly not based on ponies, I swear! :pinkiehappy:

Yep, The Steadfast Sky has a website now! It's live with samples with the soon-to-be-printed version of the story! With the book coming sometime this summer, I thought I'd give you guys a taste of whats to come! It starts the exact same way I started on EqD : With a Celestia Melody, Luna Violet, and Discord Brynth chapter, right there for the taking. Now with illustrations by the illustrious Paige Halsey Warren!

Start here if you want to skip the samples, and just start reading the dang story! I might start using this new website as a blog too, since tumblr seems to be on fire these days? I'll do another post here and... basically everywhere else once the actual book book is out in print. BUT FOR NOW : A THING!! :pinkiegasp:

Thank you for reading, see you this summer!

#1 · 3w, 2d ago · · ·

You really made it into a book? Awesome! :D

#2 · 3w, 2d ago · · ·

I need to read that last chapter one of these days....

#3 · 3w, 2d ago · · ·

How exciting!  

I'm curious: other than filing off the serial numbers to make it publishable, how much has the story changed?  Is it still all the same beats, same pacing, same sequence of events?  Or will we readers find some significant construction and/or plot alterations from the "original" version?

#4 · 3w, 2d ago · · ·

This is the only redit of an entire story that I will ever look forward to.

#5 · 3w, 2d ago · · ·


This is a completely new, from scratch, original story. The new story has a different flow and feel to it, thats very distinct from the original Steadfast Sky. The goals of the two stories were very different. Original Steadfast was 'I like these characters, I like these ideas, I want to see them become reality' and I would trim most anything that didnt add to those goals. Nue Steadfast, I already knew the characters, and I wanted to explore the complexities of them, and the world I built, more in-depth and without the trappings of being a fanfiction. And also..... a lot of real-world stuff weighed heavier on me, and I needed to express those feelings in this new version of the story.

They're just very different stories at this point, and i would not be surprised if people preferred one or the other.

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