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27, Female, Iowan, College Graduate. Favorite Pony: Celestia. Favorite Not Pony: Discord. Yeah, I like Equestria's Gods, so that's what most my fics are going to be about!

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The Steadfast Sky : Coming to print soon near you! · 7:46pm May 5th, 2017

A Spy. A Scholar. A Musician. A Magician. Trapped in a city of shadows and nightmares, four teens bridge the barrier between their worlds

Well hey look at that! A story that is totally 100% original and definitly not based on ponies, I swear! :pinkiehappy:

Yep, The Steadfast Sky has a website now! It's live with samples with the soon-to-be-printed version of the story! With the book coming sometime this summer, I thought I'd give you guys a taste of whats to come! It starts the exact same way I started on EqD : With a Celestia Melody, Luna Violet, and Discord Brynth chapter, right there for the taking. Now with illustrations by the illustrious Paige Halsey Warren!

Start here if you want to skip the samples, and just start reading the dang story! I might start using this new website as a blog too, since tumblr seems to be on fire these days? I'll do another post here and... basically everywhere else once the actual book book is out in print. BUT FOR NOW : A THING!! :pinkiegasp:

Thank you for reading, see you this summer!

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You really made it into a book? Awesome! :D

I need to read that last chapter one of these days....

How exciting!

I'm curious: other than filing off the serial numbers to make it publishable, how much has the story changed? Is it still all the same beats, same pacing, same sequence of events? Or will we readers find some significant construction and/or plot alterations from the "original" version?

This is the only redit of an entire story that I will ever look forward to.


This is a completely new, from scratch, original story. The new story has a different flow and feel to it, thats very distinct from the original Steadfast Sky. The goals of the two stories were very different. Original Steadfast was 'I like these characters, I like these ideas, I want to see them become reality' and I would trim most anything that didnt add to those goals. Nue Steadfast, I already knew the characters, and I wanted to explore the complexities of them, and the world I built, more in-depth and without the trappings of being a fanfiction. And also..... a lot of real-world stuff weighed heavier on me, and I needed to express those feelings in this new version of the story.

They're just very different stories at this point, and i would not be surprised if people preferred one or the other.

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