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Okay, you guys and girls win. · 12:03am Oct 4th, 2012

The new story I wrote garnered WAY more likes then I ever expected. If I had gotten two or three less dislikes in the early hours of the fiction, it would've hit the featured box. This story has more likes then my primary story. Not that I can really blame anyone, I mean this ISN'T my first fiction, and it is like my seventh attempt at writing clop after reading millions of words of clop form the best authors on this fine website. I don't much like the first few chapters of my first story and when I finish it I'm going to rewrite those first few chapters.

That's not the point. A few of you have asked for moar. Whelp, there will be more. Plenty more. Tags will be added when I, or you, the readers think they should be added. I'm going to alternate between updating this new master piece, and my main story. However, there will be more and this story will be next to update. Who knows, maybe with different things to keep my mind occipied I won't get bored with it and have to deal with writers block to work on either story.

So maybe I won't alternate back and forth, like that implies, but I will be working on the both of them. Congratz all you pplz who asked for maor. You win.

EDIT: Also, if you wanna ask me stuph, feel free. I like to respond to all my comments. As you may have figured out.

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Hey, if y'all need a pre-reader, just send over a PM and we will talk it out :twilightsmile:

400522 I'll think about it. Might keep this as one whole surprise for Johnson. Can't exactly have my main pre-reader pre-reading his gifts eh?

Sounds like a plan, and I'm with ya on that, why let your pre-reader proof-read your gift to him? That would be a little odd

400542 I didn't let him read the first chapter, why start know eh?

I know what you mean, and like I said, just PM me when you decide:twilightsmile:

Damn I envy you, I cant write that often any more studies are kicking my ass...

400689 I don't really study. I do sometimes, for tests on tough classes, but for the most part I just pay attention in class.

I shall be left out? oh well that just means I can read it when its done just like everypony else. :twilightsheepish: I am however, interested in seeing where you are going to take this. :derpytongue2:

401292 You and me both sala beed. lol

400801 Ueah I pay attention but damn the assignments and reading I have to do... :/ No me gusta

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