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Something to be proud of... (Job-related) (Ugly) · 2:22am May 1st, 2017

Most of us hate the sexual abuse of a child. Even among those who get into foalcon, the vast majority of them won't touch a story without at least the pretense of informed consent. So, I think we can take it as given that a child abuser getting busted will gain almost universal applause.

My partner is going to get to take a bow.

Short form is, a guy raped, sodomized, and molested a thirteen-year-old girl, and took trophy photos of the acts. The coppers recovered the device, the Computer Crimes guys recovered the photos from the device's recycle bin, and my partner got prints that put the guy dead-bang on the girl. (My sole involvement was in verifying the ID - which was ugly enough.) The rapist just pled to 27 years, with lifetime Sex Offender Registration. I sort of wish the sonofabitch had taken it to trial, so that we could hammer him for Forever, but at least this way, we don't have to put the girl through the additional trauma of going on the stand and getting cross-examined by a defense liar lawyer. I'll take it.

Just, after you're done applauding my partner, if, you're religious, say a prayer for him (as well as the coppers, the computer crimes techs, and most especially for the girl), Those images are going to be haunting him for a lifetime...

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Yup. I know we'd all prefer that this would never have happened in the first place, but I'm proud that you(r partner) got the guy.

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