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  • 245 weeks
    Buckle Up

    New chapter is entering revision phase. As per my last blog post, please use spoiler tags where appropriate.

    Also buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride.

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  • 268 weeks
    Concerning Spoilers

    I would like to remind readers of Equestrian Horizon that spoilers in comments should be covered with the requisite markup tags or avoided in the first place. This will be relevant now more than ever. Just saying.

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  • 274 weeks
    A short detour

    Took another detour before heading back in on Equestrian Horizon.

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  • 275 weeks

    Things I discovered writing this piece:

    • I suck at naming stories and chapters.
    • I suck at writing synposes.
    • I cannot post pieces to FiMFiction without titles or synposes, so my terrible ones will have to suffice.
    • I only have a partial idea of how to write Tempest, but also a desire to do so which is infuriating.

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  • 275 weeks
    I'm not dead

    So I got sucked into Final Fantasy XIV and left Equestrian Horizon to languish unfinished. Then my computer died.

    All data is safely backed up on separate drives or in the cloud but I am sans gaming rig for the time being. I am still going to attempt to finish EH by the end of the year. The next chapter, Ouroboros, is done and currently in the proofing and revision phase.


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Epiphany · 1:47am Apr 29th, 2017

So it seems the original ending I had drafted for the end of Equestrian Horizon is now moot. A series of Epiphanies and crazy mad scribblings in the dead of night revealed just how much the characters had grown throughout the course of acts 1 and 2 and how much the story line had to change to reflect those developments. There is also a significant tonal shift that is in the process of occurring and will be in full swing by the end of Act 2. We're close. The next chapter - The Hushed Empress - is the beginning of the end of Act 2 and plenty of twists and turns are in the works.

The key problem I'm running into is that the current path has a potential to end up a complete downer ending which I do not want. However, if I shoehorn in the original ending, all the work that went into character development would have been wasted. I am aiming for a compromise between the two because I want EH to have a completed resolution while still having the characters actions impact the final outcome of the story. After all, this series has always been about showing how the characters have agency and that their decisions shape the world around them.

Hopefully I'll have a more concrete outline together by the time I finish fleshing out Act 2. Best hang on. We're in for some turbulence.

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