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  • 46 weeks
    A personal update, I guess

    So in my last blog post that I did back in August said I had a job lined up so I can make money and all that sexy jazz. WELP. I never got the call. Then I applied at a gas station/convenience store attached to a grocery store. Never got a call. There are people who think I haven't been trying to get a job. I have been, as well as someone who is awkward as fuck can, that is. It just seems

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  • 52 weeks
    An update on things

    So first up on the list: Embers of Passion: so currently I have no idea where to go with it. I really need to sit down, reread the chapters I've written, and figure out how I want to progress the story and that sort of the thing. I never write with having everything planned out. I really should attempt that one of these days to kinda compare how it goes and see if it "flows" better, ya know?

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  • 59 weeks
    Sudden idea creates fic the same day...

    I posted a new fic today...

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  • 70 weeks
    Idea feedback

    This has been something I've been thinking on and off, but I was thinking if it is possible for a pony to not really have a cutie mark as an adult. Like if they just never got one or would it really work if it was like a birth defect that a pony would never get a cutie mark? I've been playing with the latter and been wondering on how it would possibly affect said ponies life. Been thinking

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  • 72 weeks
    Some recap of the past month-ish

    Decided to kinda fill in some details of the last month since I had a rather unexpected change that I am still dealing with. March started off kinda boring. Go to work, dick around with the couple hours between work and sleep I have, that sorta thing. But on the 9th I got Open Doored at Walmart. Basically what Open Door is, is that when an associate needs to bring up a complaint or an issue

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Back-ish with a new story · 4:50am Apr 16th, 2017

Ayyyyy. I made a new story, and it features Chrysalis! It's not like a lot of my stories include Chrysalis, Twilight, or both. Yeah, alot include both of em... But! Made a new shipfic that is now up right here! Go check it out!

I also got another one in the works that is less romance and more "dark", I guess. It is interesting idea that came up and I blame the people I talk to on Skype for it. They are responsible for this shit. But go ahead and check out my new stuff, like it if you do, and maybe I won't be too dead!

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