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  • 131 weeks
    5 Year Anniversary on FIM

    Almost missed my 5 year anniversary here on Fim, but can you blame me when I have to go through another stem cell since my last one failed?

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  • 141 weeks

    So since December 20th I was in the hospital for the stem cell transplant. First 5 days were very strong chemo to destroy everything. Day 6 was a rest day. Then day 7 was the transplant and what not. They then switch to a system called Day + whatever.
    Day + 1-2 went okay. Then 3-5 happened. Nothing but sleeping and other stuff while everything went to absolute 0.

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  • 149 weeks
    Hmmm, Welp

    Turns out I need a Stem Cell Transplant next month with a different type of Chemo.
    A lot of sciencey mumbo jumbo that would make Twilight go crazy. I'll need to be in the hospital for most, if not all of December, including through Christmas and New Years

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  • 157 weeks

    Well, I hit the supposed big event of hitting 21 years old today.
    Lived to see it with everything going on. Sadly I cant get a drink with all the chemo and drugs.
    Still, a birthday is a birthday

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  • 158 weeks
    Where I've been the last few months

    Since late July, I've been in the hospital and just got out a few weeks ago.
    Turns out I have cancer. Something called non hodgkin's lymphoma.
    I had a growth the size of a softball just outside my stomach and a few smaller growths.

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Wow · 12:59am Apr 2nd, 2017

So Rick and Morty just aired its season 3 premiere.
Not an april fools joke.

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