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A pony fanfiction reader from Malta. Sometimes write when inspired. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Most important of all, Twilight is best pony.

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Random Headcanons 4 · 9:53pm Mar 30th, 2017

1. Celestia works in the royal forge as a hobby. Forging is also her preferred means to vent her bottled up frustrations.

2. Apple Bloom's usually hidden freckles appear during warm days.

3. The heights of the CMC and other similar-aged foals shortest first: Pipsqueak, Scootaloo, Dinky, Rumble, Diamond Tiara, Button Mash, Silver Spoon, Tender Taps, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed.

4. All alicorns are gluttonous by normal pony standards. What a pony sees as gorging three course meal in one setting, for an alicorn it's only a snack. Extremely high metabolism is to blame.

5. Twilight once in her lifetime wore glasses. After breaking them when she tripped, she decided to use contact lenses instead.

6. One Ogres and Oubliettes session ended with Shining Armour's unicorn knight being seduced by the enemy Dragon Overlord.

7. Cadence and Shining Armour enjoyed wrestling with each other when they were dating. (Get your minds out of the gutter, I meant actual wrestling!)

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Comments ( 4 )

1) And make a little money on the side

4) Or that's what they want you to think, though it is still recommended not to get between an Alicorn and their food.

5) Until she kept losing them, then tried corrective surgery on herself... because we know Twilight would do it


1. Can also be useful for the guards and soldiers.

4. What do you think would happen to those who do?

5. Of course she could.

1) Shining Dawn, Royal Armorer

4) No one know, they enter the dining hall never to return. Nah, they learn why the Sisters earned their right to rule Equestria

5) Twilight has many thing, common sense ain't one of them


4. Or they'll have a once in a lifetime invitation for an as-many-course-as-you-desire lunch with the princesses. As long as they let them guzzle their food without interruptions.

5. That reminds me of a Dexter's Laboratory episode. He tried doing an eye surgery on himself and ended up seeing everything grotesque and ugly.

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