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I like writing. I also create Equestria at War.

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Almost Three Years · 10:46pm Mar 28th, 2017

It's been almost three years (2 years and 11 months really) since my last blog post. So much has changed over time that I have no idea how many of my old friends are still around. All that I can say is that I am so sorry for being missing, but life just got in the way of me and MLP.

Now life, specifically my final year at university, has been pushing me so hard that I returned and I have fell in love once again with all things pony. I binged watched seasons 5 and 6 in three weeks and all of Equestria Girls too! There are so many new and fantastic stories here, I've updated my front page with my new and old top favourites, and you really should check them out.

As for the future of my own stories, well, The Lion and the Unicorn is long dead. I am so sorry for anyone who wanted to read more, but it's just been too long. It's 6 sequels are also all cancelled even before they got off the ground. But I haven't given up on writing. Maybe one day soon you'll see a new story from me. I have so many ideas I want to try out and hopefully some will stick. (Word of warning, three of them are Equestria Girls based.:twilightsheepish:)

So that's all from me this time, hopefully you'll get to see more soon. Other then that, I'll love to catch up with whoever is still around.

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Well it's great to see your coming back around Feather, and don't worry your old friends are still around(or, at least me) and new friends are always around the corner.:twilightsmile:

Good to have you sort of back here.
As you can see, one of those really old ones are still here, just collecting some dust to bake it.:trollestia:

Maybe I'll edit some nice things to say later, for now, just stay here, enjoy a cup of nice tea coffee hot water with milk and some tasty bread.

4475317, I knew you would still be here :twilightsmile:

4475674, It's good to see you again! :pinkiehappy:

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