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I like writing. I also create Equestria at War.

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Sunset Shimmer hasn’t been the same for the last few months. She still says that she loves Pinkie Pie, but she doesn’t show it like she used to.

Desperate to rekindle their passion, Pinkie takes Sunset on vacation to sunny Puerto Caballo. With a week of sun, sand and Caribbean fun ahead of them, Pinkie wants nothing more than to spend quality time with Sunset. But Sunset has other plans.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys.

Special thanks to Legofan, ChudoJogurt, GaraTheAuthor and Undome Tinwe for their help and support.

Art by Legendary Spider.

Chapters (1)

King Sombra has been reformed. After falling in love with the the former king, Princess Luna is looking forward to sharing their first Hearth's Warming together. But, Sombra has other ideas.

The holiday has brought up only bad memories and after a chance meeting with a filly those memories become all too real.

Can Luna show him the true meaning of Hearth's Warming? Or will Sombra let the past consume him?

Written for Ice Star's Lunbra contest.

With thanks to JackRipper, ChudoJogurt, thatguyvex and others for their help and support.

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Thirty moons have passed since Twilight lost contact with her Canterlot High friends. When the portal reopened she eagerly rushed to visit them.

But the world she found herself in is nothing like the one she remembered. Each day is a constant battle for survival against the elements, twisted wildlife and an ever present madness that claws at the minds of those who survive. Worse still, her friends are missing and Twilight's only way home is lost.

Left with only one choice Twilight must set forth into the ruins of the city and brave the worst it has to offer in order to save her friends and to find her way home.

But Fallen Canterlot has many secrets and her presence has not gone unnoticed.

Special thanks to Legofan, ChudoJogurt and thatguyvex for their help and support.
Inspired by Fallout: Equestria Girls by Extradimensional Alien.

Chapters (9)

The Deserts of Aysyria have a long history with the people of this world. A history that Twilight Sparkle finds herself caught up in.

When Discord breaks free form his stone prison he seeks revenge upon the elements. Twilight, now trapped on a crazy and barbaric alien world, must find a way home in time to save her friends and Equestria.

If only that task were as simple as it sounds…

Part One of Six stories following each of the Elements as the try to find their way home.
Set before the episode “Keep Calm and Flutter On”.

Thanks to OnederMan and Legofan24 for pre reading.

(Note: This fantasy story isn’t set on Earth as we know it and is in no way meant to offend anyone of any beliefs, race or nationalities, no matter the similarities.)

Chapters (7)
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