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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Preview for a new story. · 12:45am Mar 27th, 2017

So, while I was doing research I had an idea, and I'm currently following it. I kind of wanted to know what everyone thought, so here's a short preview...

Sunset Shimmer is a Sex Doll

Chapter 1: A botched Spell on Two Ends

There was no pressing business, no need to get the girls, put on their crystals and fight a monster, but instead it was time to study. Sunset looked at her modest apartment. It was certainly an improvement over that abandoned house she was squatting in when she first came through the portal. Figuring out how this world worked hadn’t been hard, but finding a job that she could do, learn quickly, and get paid enough to support herself had been a problem.

At the time she didn’t have any magic, and so she had to do everything practically the Earth Pony way. Or at least the Earth Pony way if Earth Ponies had hands, stood on their hind legs, and… Okay, she was stuck doing everything by hand. That lead her to Short Stack’s Pancake house. Short Stack was pretty nice, hired her on as a waitress, trained her as a cook, and now she was his second, and the money she pulled down was enough to let her get this apartment, have a few really nice amenities, and even let her get the materials she needed to study the magic in this world.

“Hmmm,” she hummed as she looked at larger version of the detector Twilight had used to find magic at Canterlot High.

She grabbed a tape recorder, “It appears that Twilight’s detector didn’t just work on Equestrian Magic. Which is odd since I had believed originally that was the only type of magic here,” she looked at the detector again, “Instead I believe that the magic present, the Equestrian Magic present, was detected because it was working. Since going to Camp Everfree, finding these gems, a few quirks have been happening that line up with ancient legends and old fairy tales about magic here on Earth.”

She walked toward a wall, “Strange creatures not of Equestrian origin, magical fields that feel off, all of these things point to a magic that was dormant but has awoken. I believe that the magic of this planet is waking up, and I’m uncertain of how it’s going to affect our magic. Which is the reason for these controlled experiments. I have a fragment of Adagio’s pendant, which still has some residual Equestrian magic, and I’ve collected a sample of the water from Camp Everfree that was producing a magical field.”

She walked toward the small beaker full of the water from Camp Everfree, “With any luck I should see see some kind of magical connectivity between the two. Since this is the first test there will be no direct exposure, but rather I will merely mount the pendant piece just outside of the beaker in order to see if there is an effect.”

Sunset placed the pendent piece into the handmade holder she had created, moved it closer, and almost immediately she began to see a reaction. Arcs of blue and red electricity began to move between the two items, and then she felt something else, almost as if there was a third force that began feeding the two items even more magic. She reached toward the stand, determined to pull it away, but instead a massive blue orb appeared. She felt it wrap around her. Sunset had experienced all kinds of teleporation. The portal between Earth and Equestria, the normal everyday teleportation that a well versed enough Unicorn could do, but this was different.

The energy from the orb danced across her skin, making it tingle, and to her surprise filling her with an almost estrus driven desire. She fought against it, and while the light of the orb made it almost blinding she could feel that her clothes had simply deteriorated away into nothing. She saw the light dimming, and then there was almost total blackness. She groaned, lifted her head for a moment, and then passed out.

*****Alternate Earth 08021985 - Ian Donnelly’s home - Living Room*****

“Ian, you’re shitting me with this right?”

Ian looked toward his gangly friend. Max and himself had been geeks in junior high, geeks, bitch bait, and more often than not the receivers of multiple ass beatings from the various members of more athletically inclined who happened to have an IQ of four. Now in college things weren’t any better. Sure, they were doing well in their classes, but for all rights and purposes they might as well be back in high school.

Max watched as Ian finished drawing the casting circle, brought out a form that was a little shorter than himself, and laid it in the middle.

“Ian, seriously, okay sure, maybe magic is real, but what you’re proposing is stupid. There’s no way this will work!”

Ian turned toward him, “Max, everything I’ve read says this should work. Sure, it’s a new spell, but all I’m doing is combining a conjuring spell with linking spell. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Max walked toward his friend, and noticed the little things. His computer was set up, tons of images and information was already fed into it. And now, now, his friend had something covered with a sheet that easily was the size of a girl. Not only that, but it was stiff as a board. He didn’t want to ask, and to be honest he was considering leaving when his friend finished and opened a box.

“Ian, what the hell are those?”

Ian took out a lacy bra, strapped it to his head, and handed one to Max.

“Oh, you’ve gotta be shitting me.”

Ian rolled his eyes, “It’s ceremonial, and we both have to do it. So, bite the bullet and put it on.”

Max groaned, pulled the bra over his head, strapped it in place, and then looked at his friend.

“Seriously, you’re a ceremony and combining it with a John Hughes film. This is fucked up.”

Ian shook his head, “It’s going to work. Besides, I’m the one that’s going to look like a moron if it doesn’t so what do you care?”

Max watched his friend. Ian was wearing his lab coat, his burned blue jeans, an old Batman t-shirt, and a pair of loafers that made him look more like a dork than anything else. Add in Ian’s young Einstein hair style, his nervousness around girls, and his basic social awkwardness it was more than enough to justify why he had so much faith in this.

He had faith in it because it was all that he had. Max knew that he wasn’t much better. A Captain America t-shirt, pair of khaki pants his mom had bought for him for Christmas, and a pair of knock off Converse Allstar’s was on his feet. Add in that he didn’t really look black, or white, just sort of a light mix of the two didn’t help matters. It was one of the great things about Ian though. Ian didn’t care.

He didn’t care that his parents didn’t have the same ethnic background, and he didn’t care that Max was a combination of the two of them. All he cared about was that Max was his friend. For that reason, if nothing else, Max knew that he’d end up doing whatever attempt Ian wanted to in order to make things work. He watched as Ian got ready, and then he hit enter on his keyboard.

Ian had been going on, and on, and on about being something called a Technomage before. It took Max a while to figure out that Technomagic meant that Ian, apparently, had a magical connection with technology. If this worked then it meant that he really was a Technomage, and that meant that his friend most likely would know where his path was heading. He heard something, at first was it was nothing, but then the air began to fill with weird blue and red electrical arcs.

Next he noticed that the arcs were striking all around the lump Ian had on the floor, and then a massive blue orb appeared. When it did it covered the lump, and that’s the moment that all hell began to let loose. Alarms began to go off all over campus, cars started and began to drive themselves, lights flickered, a girl that had been studying in her room suddenly found herself standing stark naked outside.

Max watched as the weirdness happened in the very room they were in, right up until the orb disappeared. A part of the lump raised up, there was a sound of a soft groan, and then it fell back down. Ian ran forward, throwing the sheet off, and there was a fair skinned doll. She was maybe five foot tall, at the most, her hair was almost cooked bacon colored, and she was dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a half top t that barely covered the swell of her breasts.

“Dude… there’s a high end sex doll here.”

Ian looked at him, “I know. For the last eight months the campus bookstore has been making minor donations toward this. I could tap it all at once, so I had to do a little here, a little there, and finally I had enough.”

“That’s a sex doll.”

Ian nodded, “Yes, it was.”

Max walked toward him and looked at Ian, “what do you mean it was?”

Ian grabbed his friend’s hand and put it where the heart would be, and to his surprise the skin felt real, the flesh felt real, and the heartbeat was real. Max jumped back.

“What… What the fuck?!”

Ian grinned, “She’s alive, ALIVE!”

“Seriously dude, this is freaking me the fuck out!”

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Comments ( 5 )

I sensing somebody watched Weird Science recently.:rainbowlaugh:


Maybe just a little bit :pinkiehappy:


Although I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't admit that I was researching adult toys for an original story I'm working on when I came across this. Although it's not quite there the look of it seemed so close to Sunset that I couldn't help but start developing the story. Add watching some of Weird Science to it and you've got what I've done so far.

(It's the first link. Be warned that the first link on the Google search may, or may not, contain a site which has adult toys.)

4473163 Lol well it wouldn't be the first adult toy site I been to, and yeah she does share a similar look to Sunset. Hell, I'm not afraid to admit if I had the cash I'd purchase her.:rainbowlaugh:

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