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I'm a simple person who dislikes very little and hates even less; I like (or even love) a few things: reading, gaming, Pinkie Pie, and writing; I even take story requests~!

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    Don't let the title fool you, this is very much an "I'm not dead" post. As I've realized that I haven't been the most active (nearly inactive) for the past... year? and seeing as I have continued work on a story, I thought I'd make myself known again. I am hoping that the story will be finished by the end of the week, but there is no guarantee.

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    I'm Ecstatic!!!!

    Making Friends with Statues now has a reading on YouTube by Robipony (the amazing)!

    It can be found here!

    That is about all I have for this,
    super ecstatic me signing off!

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    Possible New Clop

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    Until next time, I guess?

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Frustration... · 2:44am Mar 12th, 2017

For anyone who doesn't know, which should be everyone, I have been doing two things with Dark Souls 1. A Soul Level 1 run through, and getting every achievement.

Progress has been slow on my SL1 run through. I've beaten the Asylum Demon, and the Taurus Demon. Dying about SEVEN times in the process, one from falling, one from fisting the Asylum Demon... and all the rest from a Black Knight... I am used to DS2's parry mechanic.

On my other character I have gotten a little ways in,since if you don't get all the achievements with one character you aren't cool? Anyway I have died twice to the Stray Demon... twice, still better than my first time playing, but twice. I shouldn't die twice to a magic exploding abomination.

If you want to know more about either run through, simply message me, or drop something down in the comment section. And yes... it is for research purposes.

Report DeshLune · 205 views · Story: Dark Ponies: The Rising · #Dark Souls
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Comments ( 19 )

What are you researching? How many times you can fire yourself into a brick wall before it breaks?

4452335 Not quite Anstca. Not quite.

I like to think of it more of... how durable am I before I break. But it is also for Dark Ponies, since it is my attempt at Dark Souls x MLP.

4452374 It would help to know the Souls games to do a good crosover. But shooting from the hip is still a thing and pretty fun too.

4452402 Sorry, I'm not very familiar with that term, but I have beaten both Dark Souls 1 & 2. Not to boast, but I managed to finish DS2 in two and a half days.

The crossover, for the most part, is well thought out. And the research is for combat, it helps to have the style fresh when writing. ^^

4452416 It means do it without really planning. Just do it and see what happens.

Souls dose have its own style of combat. And it would help to have it fresh when you write it.

4452431 I have the main character, I have bosses, and a few first areas planned already. I can't wait for the ending the surprise will be great. Also the character surprise!

I see. How's your story?

4452441 I'm lazy so its just kinda sitting there.

4452506 I see, my offer still stands to help.

Once I can figure out what the plot will be, I will start working on a Borderlands crossover. I might have to add a third thing, otherwise I don't have a clue... yet.

4452522 I'll probably take you up on it once i get it done. We both know its gonna look like a train wreck when I get done with it.

Tho I might try to put another together will I'm not working on it. Its based off a video I saw putting together Game of Thrones and MLP. Its a crazy idea but it might work.

4452533 Sounds tricky. I've yet to watch Game of Thrones, I don't have any IRL friends who watch it, so I wouldn't be able to talk about it.


Here's the video It would be Discord to an older Flurry Heart whos about to take over. And tells her that history as she knows it is pretty much a lie told by the princesses to keep order.

4452538 I have a few friends that watch it. I know enough I could probably make it work.

4452545 That sounded amazing. Was that a part that happens in the series?

4452547 Yeah its one of favorite scenes from the show. Its the spy master and the mast of coin. Two of the most cunning and well connected people trying to out do each other

Here's the full exchange.

4452554 Seems like the thing to do? But if you ever do get around to finishing. Don't hesitate to ask.

4452576 Honestly I'm not sure. I'm not really a writer I can come up with some interesting ideas. Its getting them to story form that trips me up.

4452580 That is the general reason for not getting around to finishing. I can understand, I write roughly 500 words a day, though that would be closer to my minimum. But I spread them out in different stories, and planning. Currently I have been writing a world building type of thing.

4452589 I have a lot fo the world layed out for my stories. I'm adapting what I see as the history of the world. I have a rough timeline from the founding of Equestra to ware the show starts. Can also explain a few things better then the show. Like ware did the come from before they found Equestra proper? But it can get kind of compacted at some points, because I say Sombra is Cadience's father. It makes sence if you think about it. I could make it up if you're interested

4452606 Just to avoid spoilers let's move to the PMs to continue.

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