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My Thoughts On Old Man Logan (SPOILERS) · 12:10am Mar 6th, 2017

Just got back from the movies, where I went to see Old Man Logan. I had high hopes for the movie, and I left the theater quite pleased. Now, I think I lost some enjoyment of it because I never got around to watching X-Men: Apocalypse, but Logan managed to stand on its own. It was appropriately savage, with the perfect amount of naughty language and gratuitous violence. Seeing Laura/X-23 walking out with a human head near the start of the movie really set the tone of the movie quite early. Logan was just what I wanted: a crusty, crotchety, cantankerous old man who is the walking definition of "I'm getting too old for this shit". I found his chemistry with Laura to be fun, charming, and quite endearing when she was entirely silent, but I feel like their relationship lost some of its charm when she started to speak. Not enough to harm the movie, just enough to make me long for the one-sided conversations. I only had two big gripes with the movie.

1) The bad guy(s). I don't know if I can tell you their names, they were so poorly explained. Now, this might be my own fault, so take this with a huge grain of salt, because I'm notoriously bad at catching who the bad guy was. Their names tend to slip past me. But, for real, the dude with the cyborg arm who looked like the main baddy kinda slid under my radar, I don't recall ever hearing the doctor's name, and X-24/Young Man Logan kind of flew in from nowhere.

2) The kids. I wanna know more about the kids. They were nothing for the first two-thirds of the movie, and then saved the day in the finale. I want more information, more build-up. They seemed interesting, but I'll never know.

But, overall, I liked Old Man Logan a lot. I read a review calling it the Dark Knight of X-Men movies, which I personally think is a bit much, but it was still a solid movie. I liked it more than Days of Future Past, which is the last one I saw, and it was damn sure better than The Wolverine and X-Men Origins. But, those are just my thoughts. What do y'all think?

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There actually was a little teaser of X-24 in the Gabriela's recording. I'm just glad it wasn't Daken.

Yeah the bad guy names are only said a few times. Cyborg with the hand was Donald Pierce. He leads the Reavers, mutant hunters in the comics.

The doctor was Zander Rice. Had pretty much the same role in X-23's origin story, but he was super fucking demented and evil in that. He was aged up in the film.

You can see more of him here.

You aren't missing much from Apocalypse askde from a few good things. Including an incredibly awesome wolverine weapon x cameo that was only a few minutes and significantly better than the origins movie.

It might be something to check in Apocalypse, but the doctor says his father is one of the scientists killed by wolverine in his escape (which was in the comics). Maybe it was a nametag on a corpse.

I fucking loved Logan. Probably replaced origins as my favorite. Yes I know Origins is crap.

The emotion, the action, the brutality. Oh my god the brutality. Some of of that stuff isn't even in the wolverine origins game, and that had some graphic shit.

I loved Logan (who was using his birth name! James Howlett!), I loved Charles as a cranky old man (fucked up about the dementia of course), I really loved Laura/X-23.

Logan still manages to kick ass, even in his old age, though not as effectively and some berseker rage is a big help. Seeing a worn down, tired, scarred wolverine was very humanizing (ironically). This was probably Hugh's best performance as the character, thank god since it's his last.

I really liked the angle of making Laura half Latino (second Latino aspect I've seen in a comic book movie this year that I've loved, the other being the mention of Jarritos in Lego Batman, fucking yes) rather than half Asian, unless that's just from the style of how X-23's origin was drawn.

I kind of agree with the small loss of charm once Laura talks, but being a Latino myself I couldn't help but love the language problem and it was hilarious.

I was surprised how early they revealed Laura's foot claws, but I didn't complain. I also liked Charles' explanation of them being in her feet because she was female, rather than it being a sie effect of the genetic manipulation from her creation. Of course that's just from him and it might not be true, but it makes sense.

The villains aren't gonna be the most memorable. The ones who get the most in that regard are Donald for his personality and X-24 for the sheer holy shit factor of him being a young Wolverine clone (but he- sorry IT was a fucking abomination and had to die. Kill it! Kill it with fire! It's healing factor needed the serum, fire could probably work!) The doctor, Zander, didn't have much of an impact, and his backstory was rushed right at the end before he dies.

I liked the other X kids. I also want to know and see more. Considering Laura is gonna have more time on screen in the future, I wouldn't rule out the kids (and maybe her) appearing in New Mutants, especially since Charles used that name.

Kinda wish there was an after credits of the kids reaching the safe haven, but that's a minor nitpick.

Best Wolverine movie ever. Granted it didn't really have stiff competition.

While no one can replace Hugh, here's to hoping Tom Hardy or whoever they get does a good job. After the franchise is rebooted after Marvel studios gets it back of course. Don't pretend like it won't happen eventually.

I want a game with Laura or Laura and Logan teaming up and I want it to be like the Origins wolverine game with all that sweet, M rating pushing gore!

Me watching movie.
Oh look an innocent little mutant girl
Sweet Alicorn teats that was violent.


At the end of the movie I keept expecting for someone to come get the kids and take them to safety. Even my dad thought that. And do they ever tell you what is wrong with Wolverine? I just assumed it was lung cancer.

4445669 They said that it was Adamantium poisoning, but I understand how you could have missed it. It was only ever really implied, and even Logan was like "I think it's the Adamantium". And yeah, now that you mention it, it kinda is weird that the kids kinda just fucked off by themselves. That's weird, but it's a set-up for the next movie so I guess it gets a pass.

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