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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Preview of second chapter of Celestia the Broodmare · 11:33pm Feb 17th, 2017

Celestia, the Broodmare

A spin off mini-story of Bumbling through my Education

Chapter Two: Day Court Surprise

Celestia smiled as she looked at the nobles standing before her. Normally, her smile would be forced, it would be polite, and it would be simply an act that she would happily step out of the moment her Day Court was over. Today was far different. She was rutted to the point of barely being able to form sentences, she was treated like a broodmare, and then she was held and loved.

She, to coin the phrase started by a dearly departed friend, got to have her cake and eat it too. Yet that wasn’t the only reason for the smile. None, except those that happened to be close enough, could hear the faint buzzing that was going on between her legs. There was no doubt that if she hadn’t cast a spell covering her smell ponies would know what was going on, but so far that spell had been cast, and she was doing wonderfully.

The spell kept others from picking up the scent, but she could smell it. She could smell the Earthy vanilla scent mixed with arousal musk. She looked at her next visitor, and her eyes widened. So far this had been fun, and she had so desperately wanted to do this. After all, it would make Day Court so much more tolerable if she was able to get off while talking to the nobility, but this wasn’t the nobility. Standing before her was the chancellor from Germaneigh. The Earth Pony mare was known to be decisive, cunning, and at times cold as ice. Unlike many of their brothern the Germaneigh ponies had stayed closer to the old lands. Somehow it made them stronger, and it gave them a sense of tribalism that Celestia found absolutely revolting.

“Prinzessin Celestia, we have traveled to speak of our alliance.”

Celestia swallowed, hoping that whoever was controlling the toy currently inside of her snatch wouldn’t make it any worse.

“Chancellor Aryanne, it is a pleasure to see you again,” she said as she looked toward the guard who went to bring Aryanne a seat, “Please, have a seat. I’m afraid you caught me while I was holding an open court for my ponies to come and express their problems.”

“Ja, this is why I came now. Open court, able to see how you deal with your subjects. Especially the Vogel-Ponies.”

Celestia groaned at the name. She spoke Aryanne’s language, fluently, but she despised the names she had for the Pegasi and Unicorns. She noticed Aryanne had brought two officers, and a Pegasus porter. The poor Pegasus looked to be exhausted, her small frame barely able to hold the amount of luggage passed onto her. She watched as Aryanne looked the Pegasus.

“Wenn Sie etwas fallenlassen, Etwas überhaupt…” she began before Celestia cleared her throat.

“Perhaps your porter would like to store your luggage in your rooms?”

“Ja,” she looked at one of her soldiers, “Begletie sie.”

Celestia looked at one of her guards, “Please, show them the guests rooms they will be staying.”

She didn’t care for Aryanne. Not as a pony, but after joining Bumble’s herd she did take a moment to look at the Chancellor. She was fit, her body molded to perfection, and she could see that her hips were certainly wide enough to support birthing foals. Her breasts were slightly larger than apples, but they were firm. She could see her bound, a gag in her mouth, her rump in the air, and Bumble buried in it.

Aryanne’s muffled cries as she was bred by what she considered a lesser pony. It was deliciously tempting, and certainly worth entertaining. If nothing else such a thing could certainly help change the Chancellor’s views of other tribes. Her magentia eyes met Aryanne’s crystal blue ones, and she saw the question in Aryanne’s expression. It was sight, but Celestia had several lifetimes of reading ponies.

Aryanne knew that Celestia had been undressing her, and there was no way that Celestia could pretend otherwise. On top of that, a button on the top of Aryanne’s Schutzstaffel General’s jacket. She returned the look toward Celestia. Being on the receiving end of a mental undressing, and rutting, was nothing new to Celestia. There had been thousands of ponies throughout the years that would come before her, mainly so that they could see a pony they considered a goddess in the flesh.

But the way Aryanne was looking at her, it wasn’t just a mental undressing and rutting. It was filled with bitter angst. Aryanne wasn’t a submissive Broodmare like she was in the bedchambers. She could tell that now. No, Aryanne was a dominant master. She lived for control, loved control, and relished every single moment she had it. It made imagining her bond, her crystal blue eyes wide in surprise, ecstasy, and lust even more appealing.

She could see it perfectly. Aryanne would come with her, be brought into the herd’s room, and there she would be stripped. She would be tied down, Cumulus would have Aryanne’s muzzle deep in her snatch, and it would be a wonderful lesson for the Chancellor.

So this is what I'm currently working on. Also, I'm going to give everyone until the end of today to finish voting on if Fluttershy should join Bumble's herd or not. So far it's several for, one against, and a couple of fine either way.

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