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Random Headcanons 2 · 9:54pm Feb 14th, 2017

1. Before he fully got into politics, Fancy Pants was a popular comedian and satirist. He, along with some of his friends, written and acted on comedy skits which were known for their random nonsense. Fancy Pants still does some comedy in special occasions to the delight of his fans.

2. The Mane 6's height after Twilight's ascension goes as follows, shortest first; Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Fluttershy.

3. After Equestria's two consecutive civil wars, the thestral population dwindled to few small herds scattered in the country. Until a hundred years after the second civil war their largest concentration was found in the poorest district in Canterlot known as the Cesspit District. Fortunately, the district has long been demolished and replaced with better housing, cleaner water and better waste disposal for thestral families still living there.

4. Sunset Shimmer is Celestia's birth daughter. Her father, Sun Ray, died from a spell accident in Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns a few weeks before she was born.

5. Blueblood and Cadence are siblings. Luna is their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-etc-grandmother.

6. Fluttershy and Twilight sometimes fight over a hoofball game. That one player from Cloudsdale Rainbows shouldn't have had a red card as it was so obvious that the player from Canterlot United was really at fault here!

7. Pegasi rarely wear horseshoes as they don't really need to. Unicorns never wear them as their hooves are tough enough to withstand rocky and mountainous terrain.

8. Night Light tried his hoof at singing, which ended badly. His older brother, Stardust, still teases him about that.

EDIT: Changed Rainbow Dash's place in height as the shortest in the Mane 6.

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Comments ( 4 )

1) *YONIK*

2) Would have thought of Rainbow being the smallest

3) Less heartbreaking than mine. After the War they exiled themselves from Equestria and ended up in the Black Forest of Marevaria. They did not take Luna's return with joy

4) Again less heartbreaking, she knew her father, she knew him well until he died in a bombing at Concord Station in Canterlot

5) Sirocco would like to have words with you

6) Somehow I can picture Fluttershy being one of those extreme fans

7) Ah horseshoes, a item you think should be but have no idea how to make them fit into the universe

8) *snicker*


1. Monty Python Fancy Pants is yours for the taking.

2. I thought of making her that to be honest. Maybe I'll change it.

3. They are still a minority but no longer persecuted.

4. Would still be very heartbreaking for Celestia losing her family members in a finger snap.

5.Remind her it's a different universe from hers.

6. Wearing her hoofball club's colours and screams, cheers, cries and swears loudly when her favourite team is playing.

7. I already know how. It's just pegasi rarely have use of them and unicorns' hooves are already built for rough terrain.

8. Yeah.

1) Wouldn't be the first time a comedian got into politics

2) I generally think of Pegasi being the smallest, Bulk "Snowflake" Biceps being the exception, because they are geared towards flight thus a smaller lighter body is advantageous.

3) Most ponies thought of them as myths until roughly ten years before Luna's when a lone Thestral mare enlisted in the Royal Guard. Luna was very much surprised to see her in the gold armor of Celestia's Own.

4) Feldgrau was a well loved stallion and very much was the other half of Celestia's soul. He managed to attract the attention the "Solar Empire" and "New Lunar Republic" who had their own reasons for assassinating him. If it wasn't for Sunny, Celestia probably would have burned Equestria to the ground in order to find those responsible.

5) I did but she and Platinum IXX are friendly rivals

6) You think soccer, I think American Football. Either way it's the fact it's Fluttershy being the rabid fan

7) In all honesty the only times I'm likely to mention horseshoes is by using the phrase "Caught with their hooves half shod" instead of "caught with their pants down"


1. Satire can make good comedy. But I think it's the most divisive one.

2. Still going to make Fluttershy the tallest of the Mane 6.

3. I had an idea of some thestrals joining the Royal Guard. Subverts the common trope of them being loyal only to Luna.

4. The Solar Empire and Lunar Republic. I have my own ideas on how to put them in my headcanon.

5. She has to speak to Luna first then.

6. Breaking Fluttershy's character for a bit is fun.

7. That's a good idiom to use in MLP. *YOINK*

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