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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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If Sabaton made songs about Thunderbolt · 1:05am Feb 10th, 2017

Hey folks...

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'm starting work on the next Firefly chapter this weekend. Currently, I'm alternating chapters of it with Five Star Service and will continue to do so until the latter is complete in two more chapters. And after that? Will alternate between Firefly and The Lawyer and the Unicorn.

Probably be another week before the next chapter is ready. But in the meantime... a special treat. Some of you may have heard the Sabaton song To Hell and Back, which is about Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated American soldiers of WWII... and one who suffered from severe PTSD afterwards. For that reason, he and the song remind me of Thunderbolt, and thus I've written alternate lyrics for the song to make it about him. So read and sing along, and you'll get some hints as to what's in store for our favorite future Bolt Knight... oh yes, and he'll be appearing one last time before the outbreak of war in either the next chapter or the one after. So without further ado...

A stallion Lieutenant
A soldier so strong
Defending a village
When all went so wrong

Grief turns to rage
And a demon takes hold
Both tragic and triumph
His story is told

A Bolt Knight
If there be
Salvation in war
Let it come
To those like him

Who knew he would never come back

Gravestones grew on IS-2
Where his force couldn't fight
And all died in his sight
Through Phoenix Fire
On vengeance' pyre
In Altair and Rial
The Lucavi did fall

His warrior soul wounded
His friends still he mourned
But his city was threatened
And his demon reborn

Slew all attackers
Saved all he could
Defender of Harmony
Cloudsdale still stood

A Bolt Knight
If there be
Any glory in war
It belongs
To those like him

Who fought knowing he could not win

His friends were slew at IS-2
Where betrayal and lies
Meant those he loved dies
When death did wait
Did not hesitate
Bought time for his friends
Now his spirit ascends

So listen closely
As whose life we now review
A stallion
Whose love and faith were true

And from the Inland Shores
Where his thunder still roars
His courage ensures
That Equestria endures

His plaque sits well where his friends once fell
When the fighting did cease
He at least found his peace
His demons slain
He no longer knows pain
He launched an attack
Knowing he'd never come back!

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