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Random Headcanons 1 · 9:08pm Feb 7th, 2017

1. Celestia and Luna both snore loudly in their sleep. That's one of their reasons as to why their rooms are soundproofed.

2. Fluttershy and Celestia are both related as cousins from Fluttershy's Earth pony ancestor thousands of years ago.

3. Pinkie Pie once attempted to sing in Equestriavision Song Contest under Ponyville's banner. She was voted 2nd. place and was beaten by Cloudsdale with only 2 points. Many Ponyville locals weren't very happy at the result.

4. Twilight Twinkle, Twilight Sparkle's grandmother on her mother's side, was a soldier in the Equestrian Army. She was killed in action in the Battle of Windstable Gate during the Terran Aggression War when her daughter Twilight Velvet was still 8 years old.

5. The Mane 6's ages when they first met in Season 1 Episode 1:
Twilight, 17.
Pinkie Pie, 18.
Rainbow Dash, 18.
Applejack, 19.
Fluttershy, 19.
Rarity, 20.

6. Blueblood had a childhood crush with Twilight Sparkle. Many ponies, especially Cadence and Celestia, found it cute.

7. There is an expy of David Bowie in my headcanon named Stardust. He was also Twilight's uncle and sang songs for her when he had time.

8. Rainbow Dash's absent mother is not an Equestrian. She is one of the wild pegasi of Foggy Peak (based on the pegasi in SlyWit's Paradise).

9. Alternate Universes exist, though the science of them is kept as a national secret due to security and the risks it possesses.

Might make more of these when I think of more random headcanons.

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Comments ( 2 )

1) An un-talked about aspect of Alicorn anatomy, something about their necks being too long.

2) Clan Everfree welcomes its wayward foal

3) ... trying hard not to make Pinkamina and Cupcakes joke

4) House Twilight has always produced badasses

5) Would have thought of them as being a bit older, but their ages is always going to be a point of argument in the fandom

6) Ok that is adorable, and naturally Shining hated him

7) He is affectionately called Uncle Ziggy

8) Huh...

9) Which makes diplomacy fun since neither side can officially recognize each other... and then you get a girl with more brains than sense and tries to tap into a power she knows nothing about.


1. I remember a thread back in Protect Celestia in which some of us had fun inventing mundane flaws for Celestia and I liked the idea of her snoring so much that I kept it as a personal headcanon. Also because I'm a loud snorer myself.

2. I think it was made by others before too, but I liked the idea of Fluttershy having a direct Earth pony ancestor. Her being also Celestia's cousin through ancestry should give a feeling that ancient Earth ponies were more secluded. It would be a big surprise for Fluttershy and her friends. Celestia and Luna, not so much.

3. I would think Pinkie to at least be a bit more of a good sport.

4. Terra and its cold relations with Equestria is something I'd like to build more upon. Think of Terra as your Prance. Twilight Velvet might be gritting her teeth and reluctantly accept the news of Twilight Sparkle and her friends go on a diplomatic visit to Terra, but deep down she still has burning hatred on the country that killed her mother.

5. My take on Equestria is that its society grants adulthood at an earlier age than the West in real life.

6. "Okay, time to bring my shotgun."

7. And Twilight's friends will be shocked to hear who is/was her uncle.

8. I don't know, having Rainbow Dash with an estranged mother from a primitive pegasus society sounded interesting to me.

9. You can say that your Equestria is slightly canon to mine as one of the many AUs. Unfortunately, bad ones such as those with either alicorns as tyrants are also included and the mages/scientists are trying to keep their world shrouded from them.

BTW, you may use any one of these headcanons if you like.

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