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Me When I Found Out Star Wars: The Force Unleashed isn't Canon anymore · 11:17pm Feb 5th, 2017

Now, I'd be okay if The Force Unleashed II wasn't canon, that game was way too damn short for me. It gave me DLC Depression. But, I would've kept The Force Unleashed I canon as an explination as to how the Rebellion actually got started, and use Rebels in place of The Force Unleashed II.

Make sense?

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man I'm with ya about Force Unleashed.

The rebels technicly got sarted in season 5 of "Star wars the clone wars". When asoka tano tought saw garera and his people to fight back against the separatists. And if you watch "star wars rebels" its heavily implied that asoka tano starded the rebel alince along with sinetor argona move mofta.

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