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Pacific Pony Con · 6:56am Jan 9th, 2017

The last time I was in San Diego was almost 10 years ago - the last time I attended Comic Con International (when you could still reg at the door). It was nice to drive down here this past weekend for PPC. Personally, I preferred the Kona Kai resort that hosted last year's event, but the Wyndham Bayside was a nice venue. Parking was a minor buzzkill (no validation this time), but I did enjoy being within walking distance of a Jack In The Box.

The highlights for me:
-Meeting my favorite RariJack artist White Diamonds.
-Hearing Tabitha St. Germain channel Kootie Pie Koopa once again.
-Seeing all three Siren cosplayers walking through the hall imitating police siren noises.
-Hearing Nicole Oliver imitating a whale song.
-Getting this sketch of Sugarcoat from Tony Fleecs...

Overall, it was a fun weekend. Now to begin this year in earnest...

Currently Reading: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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I'm glad you had a good time and I say count of Monte Cristo is a very good book but it's also a hell of a good movie too from 2002

@mayorlight You (and almost every other brony / pegasister that I know of) are SO lucky to have gone to a convention like that. Minor question, did you ever get to speak any of the cast and crew while you were there or meet up with any of the FiM content creators on YouTube?

(Sorry, standard question).

4397495 I primarily go to conventions check out the artists in the Exhibit Hall. I did ask some questions of Tabitha St. Germain at her panel.

4397962 What kinds of artists (and other folk) have you seen at conventions like these, (if I may ask)?

4409623 Mainly the official comic artists - most notably, Tony Fleecs, Agnes Garbowska and Jenn Blake - as well as local fan artists.

4410150 Would you happen to have a convention that you've always thought about attending, but couldn't?

4476247 Not really. There's plenty going on in my neck of the woods.

4476953 Sounds like your state is just full of activity. I wouldn't mind visiting there one day. By the way, I haven't forgotten about your response to my last message. Look forward to that response, soon.

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