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Check-In for the New Year · 12:52am Jan 7th, 2017

Hey everyone how's it going? It's a week into the fresh year of 2017 and, hoo boy, some rough stuff happening in Florida, plus a massive winter weather front hitting the Southeast US. Which for me would be a positive since that could mean actually getting snow in my area for once, so I'm quite excited for that. Aside from partaking in snowballs, snow angels, and Snowdin (har har), I'll be at work on the surprise I mentioned in my last post. FYI it's a special project I plan on presenting in the coming months. No doubt something befitting springtime :3

Till then, survive the coming cold and make this New Year your own. Don't let anyone dictate how the year will progress, or at least don't let their decisions keep you down and in a rut. You decide how it's gonna be handled. I wanted to say that on New Year's proper, but I was busy getting smashed with me buds. Anyway, all the best to my 52 followers, and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this blog post. Rather random, but whatevs it's all good ;)

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Author Interviewer

Good to know you're still kicking! :)

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