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Happy No-Post Friday Everyone! (Sorry) · 2:26am Nov 25th, 2016

NOTICE: This Friday, November 25th, there will NOT be a new act of DA1.

Please don't hate me, I'll explain.
First off, I want to say that I didn't intend to cause pain and stress. It's not like we're family (probably)!
However, I am with mine, and that means I will not have a very special update for you until Tuesday.
For those of you that find this cruel and unusual, that's what holidays are for!

Next, I want to thank you all for your understanding and patience.
I didn't think the last act felt like a cliffhanger, but then again, I know what happens. Again, sorry.
Maybe this will help.
Please note that the next act will be released on Tuesday, is approximately twice as long as most acts, and it will feature a big "*" in the title. :rainbowderp:

Finally, here are some suggestions to make it through the weekend:
1) Stay inside and shop online. --No, really. It's dangerous out there. Especially if you live in the US. Don't go out shopping this weekend. If you must (or are crazy), please remember to wear pants and responsible, close-toed shoes. (No shorts, sandals, heels, etc.) This is for your own safety and comfort. Nobody likes bruised knees and stomped toes. Also, try not to get in any fights; it isn't worth it.
2) Eat something, you're looking thin, and it'll make you feel better! --Holidays, even fake ones, should have good food. If not good food, then better-than-normal takeout or fast food.
3) Sleep! --Holidays are a great time for family and catching up, but nothing beats ignoring that obnoxious relative/in-law and taking a snooze. Trust me when I say you haven't been sleeping enough.
4) Watch some horrible (or great) holiday movie/TV marathons. --Sure, the fam's place out in the country only gets 30 cable channels, but each one of them is running a marathon of programming you thought you'd forgotten. And if you fall asleep during "Prisoner of Azkaban" only to wake up during "Half-Blood Prince," you only have a few hours to wait until you're caught up again (a good time to watch all of "Back to the Future," IMO).

I've got more, but there are dishes to be done. Someone has to clean up this pigsty!
Apologies, sympathies, well-wishes, and thanks,
-DA :heart:

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Comments ( 2 )

*Loads Shotgun*

Nah, I don't think I'll eat more than I usually do. I'm a fat guy, but not to hamplanet levels. I don't need the extra calories.

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