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  • Thursday

    Somehow both my main and my backup mouse managed to break in one day apart from each other. Haha. I did order one some time ago but do not know when it will arrive. I am using an extremely difficult to actually..use mini hold trackball which for some reason has buttons like, reversed or just plainly weirdly set making it even more hard to use. Hah

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  • 9 weeks

    I am literally at this moment in an area under a tornado alert. The rain is nearly horizontal.. Quite a sight I must say. Here I was trying to write and suffering power dips instead. Haha. The city of Barrie has already suffered severe damage from this. We are far elsewhere, but the rainfall is terrifically intense regardless. What fun

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  • 24 weeks
    Hospital / Same

    Attaching this to both current stories so it is seen: I had to go to the hospital for bleeding. Turned out to be diverticulitis. Had blood drawn to make sure I was not bleeding internally. I am alright now.

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  • 24 weeks

    I had to go to the hospital for bleeding. Turned out to be diverticulitis. Had blood drawn to make sure I was not bleeding internally. I am alright now.

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  • 41 weeks
    Covid Foolishness


    Read More

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Non-canon story bonus stuff · 1:46am Nov 15th, 2016

A few things that will not be making it into story or unusable ideas or would have to go into a different story I am not making. I may from time to time update this specific post with more if it comes up. It is unlikely to be much more than what is here already though. Just some random things in no particular order or reason:

1: On Innuendo random stuff

/ Fit it all in / Stuffed it in really hard / rammed it right in there / just positioned it perfectly / what a wide hole / so warm / its kind of moist in there / SHUT UP. / but it went and slipped right in. / GAH.

2: And then The Ponydeerkin

3: Sting from a jellyfish, frightened fishies fins,
chopped horses hooves rammed with rusty poison pins.

4: "he's my sweet little snugglebug. i love my huggy buggy!" - "Are you saying that your husbands a breezie!? How do you..would...youre so....you know??...maybe i do not want to know. ". "we are..creative." - "She's crazy. I am not her husband, she won't let me go!'. He looked towards her with an expression of desperation. "Get me out of here, she is insane." - "but has she hurt you?" he thought about it a little. "Well, no. She is quite caring and gentle." he winds up staying and they eventually..figure something out. also actually get married.

5: Funball: 'Hurray! Meeting you is wheelie exciting' - 'You are mocking Trixie?' - 'An axle-ent observation, which you made by your own free wheel.' - 'Why are you doing this to me?' - 'Because it looks like you're in some wheel trouble this time.' - 'You ARE mocking Trixie! Stop that!' - 'Very sorry. Wheel you forgive me?' - it spins. 'Stop mocking Trixie!' - 'Wheel have to think of something better then, you should just roll with it.' - 'Knock it off!' - 'Alright then. All's wheel that ends wheel.' - 'Grr, this thing is broken!' happytime super happy funball Toss.

6: "which was when i gave myself three cutie marks.' - 'you cant give yourself cutie marks. especially not three of them!' - 'well not with that attitude you cant!'

7: 'How does that rhyme go again?
Red on black, you’re a pony who is slack . . . no
Black on red, means you’re as good as dead . . . no
Red on the ends, this guy is not your friend . . . no
Long without limbs, run away and live!' - 'that doesnt rhyme.' - 'no, no it doesnt'

8: Starsworl The Weirded

9: Twilight Unleashed: The Legendary Super Duper Alicorn

10: "Have I captured it?" - "yes, and you might consider setting it free."

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