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Warning, A lot will happen this week. The Story is at the end. · 8:44pm Nov 13th, 2016

This will be the final week to get into Endless Time, Or Forever End. Get in now!!

Click the blog to find out more.

Since thanksgiving week is next week, I decided to post the final chapters of Endless Time, Or Forever End, this week. So to makes things easy on you all, here is a schedule of stuff to be posted this week.

Monday: Endless Time, Or Forever End, Chapter 24: Final Twist On The Twisting Tower. Can You Run Forever Chapter 2: Run Through The Day

Tuesday: Endless Time, Or Forever End, Chapter 25: The Elements Vs. The Devil Goddess.

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Endless Time, Or Forever End, Epilogue: The Three Letters

Friday: Endless Time, Or Forever End, Bonus Chapter: Past, Present, Or Damnation (A preview of the sequel)

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Comments ( 2 )

AWESOME! This week just got about 20% cooler! :rainbowkiss:

4301825 Eeyep. I hope the fans can keep up.

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