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Reader-Driven Story Prep · 12:38am Nov 7th, 2016

Alright. If the current results hold, the story will be horror. I'll leave the votes open until... let's say until the end of tomorrow. As long as it's not midnight of the 7th in your time zone, you can still vote.
I really don't know why you guys would ask me of all people to write a horror story. I can already see it forming in my brain.
The story will be more structured this time. I'm going to give people choices that they can vote for in the comments at the end of each chapter. But I thought I'd ask people what they'd want their donations to do: would you like donating to add more "votes" for a specific outcome, to be able to make suggestions again - and for what in specific? - or something else?
There's already been an interest in being able to donate to get characters into the story, and I'm fine with doing that again, too. The one warning I have is that if it does end up being a horror story - barring a mass of new votes tonight - then you'll have to be okay with whatever I might do to your characters. I will try and warn/ask people ahead of time what they're comfortable with, if anything particularly horrible is going to happen to them.
That's what I'm thinking so far. I'll probably come up with a few other things tomorrow, but I'm interested to hear what people have to think, too.


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Comments ( 3 )

Can't wait. :) Also, I rather like the thought of buying character slots/story influence again. It was interesting last time, to see how it all came together with such a diverse group.

I'm certain it will be an interesting read.

Oh, my. I'm sure it will be a thrilling read. I can barely wait! :yay:

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