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For LazyReader19 · 11:24pm Oct 25th, 2016

I know you want see this until tomorrow buddy, but here you.:raritywink:


So, I did get to watch 'Where and back again' which...the title it's self has nothing to do with the episode. Or time travel. dude, Changeling orgion stories seen back in time? How cool would that be! Instead, we get present time changeling empire with the biggest band of misfits since..well I don't know when. Since the beginning it has always been Twilight and the girls and the elements of harmony somehow in someway involved. This was a nice break from the trend. (Speaking of the elements, why has there been no rainbow power? Shouldn't we be seeing rainbows soon? Or are we just going to take the three-step plan to reforming any villain? Not that, that's much better. I would rant on reformity, but we all know where the rabbit hole would lead.

Now, for the actual review. Can I just say something? I enjoyed it. Plot holes, odd character designs aside, it was very enjoyable. Note, I already knew what was going to happen. I read the summary. I couldn't help it! But as I said before, what I see is different from what I already know. And what Crimsy sees, she likes.

The beginning was cringy for me though. Like, their moving boxes and turn it into a 30 recap of the entire seasons message: "I was terrible, so sorry," "No, It's okay, you're good now, we all love you now." I. . .I just.:facehoof: But derpy was cute!

Then the dream i didn't know, but called from the beginning. I don't see how the ponies can. Even I know when I'm dreaming. Must all ponies have Luna present to prove it isn't reality? That could lead to some incidents.:rainbowderp: but I do LOVE how luna handled it. She didn't hand the answer on a golden plater, she gave good advise and that was to trust her friends and talk to them about it. Way to go Lulu! But uh...do you relate with every pony in equestria?

Back in reality (or is it?) they talk and starlight goes. What I don't get is why Twilight wanted to go so badly? I don't even get why she's upset it's Trixie. Friendship princess is harboring a grudge toward a 'friend' and why? She said she was sorry for her deed. Remember, fireworks? Her attitude? That's just Trixie, plus, Twi is letting get to her instead of rolling her eyes and chuckling like she does Pinkie's randomness. Sure, she doesn't have to be 'buddy buddy', but what's with the twitch? What's the problem? I confused writers. what are you doing to my twilight!

Anyway, the trip to the town was okay. Trixie played the best part, you go girl, cover for your friend like a pro!:yay: Although...Starlight, why not teleport in the first place?:rainbowhuh:

Welp, okay, not doing that. Back to town. there we find changeling imposters. Pinkie: Not to bad. AJ and Rarity: smoothe at first, but the laugh...wow. Who knew they could laugh like that? RD/Flutters: expected. Spike: changelings can become something other than a pony *writes down in notes* Twilight: Fairly smoothe, but not Twilight.

Dream again. Who could have pulled Luna? Aw, look Starlight, she thought of you first!

Sleepy Trixie is best Trixie. Plus: Trixie x Peanut Butter Crackers confirmed.

Changelings. What was with ' is it ready?' 'just one more' ? Like, what were you doing with it that whole time. Was it in your fourth wall pocket? Why so dramatic. Then, Chrys!:rainbowkiss: With...the cliched laugh:facehoof: Whoever was the first to do that, has created trend that shall never end.


Then the last two members of the Fellowship of the ring: Good bug pony and Discord. . .with an angel bunny knitted toy? :derpyderp2:
*Fluttercord confirmed moment*

You know, when Discord mentioned ' being here but meaning to be over there' I didn't catch it and I sad. But flying army pigs cheer me up!:derpytongue2: I love all this changeling lore we are getting. So many questions!

Then Klutzy Discord has to walk and is pain about it. Yet, no word from thorax. perhaps he's used to it from his Hive brothers.

Fast forward to the hive. . . which shifts. . . and has holes. . . okay I can work with this. Still looks like most imagined. And while it could have used more patrols, they did it least give it guards. Not too bad Chrsy.

Then the real fun begins. Each character got to shine beautifully here. Trixie with her ever-present smoke bombs and discord with his ever-laughable gag show. Take away his chaos magic, all that's left is puns. And bad ones:derpytongue2: Then the scene with Fluttershy, I was taken back at how cruel the changelings are. This whole episodes shows how changelings work on their own when they aren't busting sheilds. they're cruel, malicuos, and love to trick. Decieit is their code. And it makes sense. If a changeling we to be nice and 'give' love, they would all be like thorax. Perhaps that is why he was such a traitor. Not for leaving the hive, but for going against the changeling nature. He defied what was set for the bug ponies. This will lead to a point later on.

Speaking of throax, good try buddy. His poor little scared face. I got a chill there. Then, dun dun dun, real Starlight revealed. . .with a rock. Like. . .no boulders or maybe free the princess to add their cake loving weight to the job? No? okay?

Then comes a game of cat and mouse which...was a bit awkward. Like, no changelings attacked, Thorax didn't try to do anything, and Chrysalis just threw her around by the tail. Is that how a queen should act? Isn't that the drones job? What are you doing Chrys? is it becuase you think she has no power so you would play like a cat with it's prey? Is it to make an example? And why are you letting her talk about your hive, your leadership?Haven't you seen what happens when words are spoken by the enemy? Maybe it's been to long since she's had a pony there. IDK:rainbowderp:

Before we tackel the Elephant in the room, I want to say something. I think Chrysalis uses their starvation for love to control them. i think she want's control. Thorax isn't just a traitor, he's a threat. He showed changelings they don't have to feed and feel hungry. They don't have to be mean and decieve. They can give love and be filled. If they were, they wouldn't need to be controlled, they would need to be led. But She doesn't want to lead, she want's control, and she depends on that hunger for that power. The way to control a nation is through their stomach.:raritywink: But when the truth came out...when Throax gave instead of taking....

The whole fandom turned upside down. And you thought the Rainbow power style was bad?:trollestia: I personally was taken back. I wasn't prepared. I was so used to the bug ponies with chiton and swiss cheese that when deer fairy like ponies with odd color schemes appeared out of NO where, I was like: :rainbowderp:

I can get used to it. I can modify it. But I'll never forget the changelings I fell in love with. And I'll never not be bothered by how short it took for ALL changelings to reform. I don't know how it could have been done differently, but...creatures trained to hate and decieve all decide to give...what love? And become like the 'traitor'. Like, no respect for the queen?:duck: But what's done is done.

Then Chrysy's shinning moment. That moment when she considered it. She lost it all. Her castle, her subjects, her prisoner. She thought maybe she should give in. But the queen, unlike her non-buggy subjects, has not made the one second switch over. Now, does she take it a step to far and swear revenge? Yes, of course. Could she have just refused and left, retaining whatever dignity she had? Yes, but what kind of a season finalle would that be? REVENGE! REFORM! It the only two ways the writers go. Frankly, I'm starting to favor revenge. :facehoof:

But despite the rushed ending, and lack of capturing the only bug pony left, it was an amazing episode. Overall.

As for Starlight.....um. Let's see. She had her problems and stuff, but before this she was okay. Now. . . she is a bit better actually. Of course the anxiety at the beginning was expected, but how they totally flipped that into a whole different issue? Way to go writers!:yay: She handled it okay. Well, not at the beginning. At the hive, she avoided, but stepped up at the end as if it was natural. and that's just what it is. She is a charasmatic leader. How else could she have kept the EqualTown together for so long (besides Brainwash)? She grew a little. Sure, it was fast, but that's how MLP rolls. Her friendship with trixie even grew and it was amazing.

The Main cast? Nope. They were just their normal selves. Yep, totally normal.:moustache:

And that's it for me. Phew, two hours later.:applejackconfused: but worth it!:rainbowdetermined2:

So what did you all think of it?

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It was a great episode.

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