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Greetings newcomers! I'm Crimson Ink! <3 Sadly, I am no longer online. But feel welcome to check out my page, blogs, and stories! Though I will not reply, feel free to comment! :D Pony up! -CI :yay:

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Q&A blog · 9:59pm Oct 24th, 2016

Greetings my dear stalkers!

I'm finally ready to answer all the questions you guys sent me!:pinkiehappy: Due to time, however, I cannot write who asked what. I do want to thank you all, though, for giving me questions.:twilightsmile:

Before I begin, a little announcement. Today is not my final day, tomorrow is. From 4 to 8 or so. Both parents will be out and I should be available. It is at that time I will try to fix up my account and do my final blogs, along with goodbys. Since I do not have the time yet to reupload my old stories, I will come bac at a later date to do that.

Now that, that's said, let's begin!


Q1. Have yu ever thought of becoming an artist?
A. I am one, I think, but as for going into artistic business, I have considered it. Right now the one on my top list is interior decrating. I have decored my room ever snce I was 10. A different theme each year, including christmas.

Q2. Any new songs your planning to write?
A. Yes, a few. Including an pony paraody to 'anthropology'

Q3. How is Derpymuffin and yo doing?
A. Our relationship is going really really well. I couldn't ask for a better coltfriend than him!

Q4.Favorite game?
A. I like checkers. DM's is chess. I don't know how to play so he's teachng me <3

Q5.Is there aything you've wanted to be that your not?
A. *sheds tear* A pony.

Q6. Do you like bananas?
A. I din't use to, but they're growing on me. Funny story. When I hated them, I would put pizza sauce ad pepper flakes on it so my mom would make me throw it away. Instead she made me eat it. Never do that again!

Q7. Fave breakfast food?
A. I like french toast with syrup and butter ( and hot cocoa!)

Q8. Do you like steven universe?
A. No, I don't lik it. I LOVE It! ^w^

Q9. How about S Vs TFOE?
A. I do like it occasionally! (starco foever!)

Q10. If you were a snack what would you be?
A. I would be the snack you come home to after a long ard day and think 'this makes me day a bit better.'
A Strawberry shortcake roll.

Q11. Where do yu see your self in ten years?
A. Still watching kid shows, married with kids, drawing and painting, along with ten or so cats.

Q12. Season seven hope?
A. a fluttershy and pinkie centered episode.

Q13. How fluffy are you?
A. Not as fluffy as f'uffle puff, but enough for you to feel in heaven when rubbing my fur.

Q14. Fave visual artist?
A. I can't pick!

Q15. Fave song?
A. This. This is torture. There isn't 'a' favorite. There is a mountian of favorites. One of which would be 'Party with pinkie'. One of my first brony songs.

Q16. Best moment of your life?
A. I have many and there are more to come, but so far it would be holding my cat for the first time as a kitten. No 11 year old could have been happier than me.

Q17. Best of your art work?
A. Again, many, but for crimson ink, it would be the sketch of Crimson head shot only. the shading was the bomb!

Q18. What would yu binge rigt now if you could?
A. Mlp....I need to catc up!

Q19. Deepest darkest secret that you wouldn't mind sharing.
A. *takes deep breath* we were all kids once. When I was five, I got so angry at my younger sister (melody in fact) that I took the biggest butcher knife we owned and chased her with it. I don't think I had any inention of using it.Anyway, I chased her into my moms room where my mother happened to be on the phone. The look she gave me. A child never forgets. I don't remeber my exact punishment, but it worked as I never did that again.

And lastly, Question 20. You have 24 hours to spend with a favorite fictional character. How is it and what would you do?

A. I have to many fandoms and plenty of choices from that. In regards to MLP, it would probably be Twiligt. I would have a ball showing her my world and seeing her geek. That, or Fluttershy so I coud finally snug that pony!

And tha's it folks. Thanks so much for helping me reach 20 exactly! You all are awesome. Have a moustache : 3

-Pony up!

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Comments ( 12 )

Sounds like you had fun answering some questions.

4270354 I did! Always do.:scootangel:

This was great! Thank you Crimson :)

4270790 You're welcome!:pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed it!


I learned some very interesting things about you. Especially the knife thing :scootangel:

4270946 Oh yeah, that.:twilightsheepish: Trust me, I don't do knives any more.


I believe you. We all do some crazy things as kids. I once ran straight through a window once and tore up my arms. It's funnier than it sounds trust me.

4271075 Oh no, that sounded plenty funny!:rainbowlaugh:


I sure was a mischievous little brat :rainbowwild:

4271215 Mishcheviosu and undaunted by pain appernetly:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

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