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time to get off this furry boat

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  • 70 weeks
    action is coming

    new story soon

    i have seen de wae

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  • 85 weeks

    people are wierd

    life is wierd

    shits just wack

    someone wake me up from this fucking dream

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  • 93 weeks
    i will write! ...tomorrow

    imma gunna do it

    i mean it this time

    fo real


    ...in other news, dreadnought is pretty tits

    the betas been pretty enjoyable despite lacking a campaign

    piloting battleships is pretty neat eh

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  • 105 weeks
    to be lazy or not be lazy

    one of these days ill actually get back to writing

    just probably not today

    or this week

    actually this month is bad for me

    next year sounds good


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  • 110 weeks
    im being oppressed


    the mods

    they're coming for me

    hide me pls

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writing is go · 4:50am Oct 14th, 2016

back at it again bbys

lets see how long til i crash and burn

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Comments ( 7 )

If I get one upvote on this comment I will be a killer clown for Halloween no joke no scam at all

4255157 Damn. I guess I have to be iDubbz in his green suit, then.

Fists of fury!

Good luck to you.

I'll be going down in flames right along with 'ya!

Eh, glgl, Shocks.

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