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What did you expect when a two hundred and fifty pound horse hits you at the speed of sound?

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Tasked on her first lone assignment since her apprenticeship ended, an auditor takes up the monumental task of heading to a war ravaged planet to help soothe relations between its liberating forces and the native people, all while insuring the proper reconstruction of the civilization.

However, much of that sounds ridiculously easy on paper.

This auditor will learn that not all is as easy and as kind as she knows.

The galaxy is cruel, and sometimes, you have to be crueler.

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Prince Blueblood retires to his room after a long day, hoping for some much needed relaxation. As he walks in, he is happy to note someone waiting for him.

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So a guy goes and buys a somethin from a shady merchant and-

You know what? You know what this is. It's got 'Displaced' right in the title. C'mon. You know exactly what is happening here.

Anyways, guy gets sent to Equestria with powers.

Copious amounts of dank memes occur.

Buckle up kids, your're going to have to go to the hospital after this.

That story I probably get banned for.

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Chrysalis laments on what it means to be a changeling.

This is a submission for the latest Rage Reviews!-F*** THIS PROMPT #9

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It happened over a decade ago. The day she was ripped from everything she had ever known, dumped in the wilderness alone and scared. She has since moved on from it, pushing that part of her life away. Now, just when things have once again settled down in her life, fate once again rips her home away from her.

Now, she has only one mission. Labeled a traitor by those who work for their own gain and on the run from a tyrant, she must complete her task, lest she let the memories of her loved ones be trampled on.

Her name is Esdeath.

And she will return to her homeland one day.

But not today.

Today, she secures it's future.

Notes: Displaced Fic. Crossover with Akame Ga Kill.

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Shortly after Tirek's defeat, Celestia chooses to descend back into the depths of Tartarus to have a few choice...words, with the one being who's sole job is to prevent escapes like that of the mad centaurs'. With questions unanswered plaguing her, she decides the only way to silence her fears are to go to its source. To speak to the jailer of Tartarus.

While few know his name and fewer know what he exactly is, many call him by what he does. He is simply, The Warden.

Trigger Warnings: Displaced, Slightly OOC Celestia.

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It's been just over a year since I arrived here, since I left Earth behind. It's been an interesting experience and I even think I might be stronger for it. Certainly more muscled, that's for sure. I've got a good job, I work with the ruler of the entire country, I have an excellent apartment, a nice paycheck, and am respected among my peers. Despite the fact that my roommate is a-

"Awww. Are you writing in your diary again?"

"...Its an officer's log thank you"

Sex Tag for innuendos and flirty thestrals.

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There are few things that manage to irritate the Princess of Equestria.

One is eating her cake.

The other, is strange creatures getting wined and dined by an inter-dimesional being that end up landing in Equestria causing enough chaos to make Discord look like second best.

[Displaced Crack Fic]
[Teen for language]

I regret everything nothing.

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