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Galaxy Nebula

Who cares if I'm weird, different, and crazy? It just makes me more exciting to be around and makes me unique. I'm Galaxy Nebula, and I'm here to write stories about ponies. Enjoy! ^^

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  • Monday
    *Hiding in bunker*

    Nope nope nope April Fool's Day is in a couple days. I'm bunkering down in my prank proof bunker with Crimson and we're gonna wait it out until the prank war blows over OwO

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  • 3 weeks
    Hey peeps ^^

    Hey hey guys. Gal here with another update. I have gotten back into the swing of writing and have quite a few stories planned for the future, my newest one being a fanfic inspired by the Red Dead Redemption games. However....that's not why I'm making this blog. No, I'll post a proper update in the near future. Today's blog is a shout out to one cowgirl who helped me through dark times when I left

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  • 4 weeks
    *Peeks out from bush* GALAXY'S BACK!

    OwO? What's this? Who's that handsome blue pegasus suddenly returning to FimFic? IT'S ME! :pinkiehappy: GAL'S BACK EVERYONE!! After a long time to think about shit, I decided to get back into writing as a form of therapy. So, Galaxy's back for good!! :pinkiehappy: I also wanna send a shout out to CrimsonRose97, who after talking with her and a few roleplays between our OCS, she convinced me and

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  • 19 weeks
    Final Goodbyes....

    Hey everyone. Galaxy here. I've been thinking long and hard for the past week about this...and I feel I finally came to a decision. Most of you don't know why I've decided this, so I will explain.

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  • 21 weeks
    No More....

    My time on Fimfic is just about done....I've lost motivation to write anything, I'm seldom active, and I honestly feel my time could be put to better use. Now this isn't me saying I'm leaving MLP, nah. I'll always be a die-hard pony fan. As for writing here? Well....I'd be lying to myself if I said I could manage to complete so much as one of my story ideas. Nothing is official yet, but I

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Something Mocha made for me · 2:38am Oct 11th, 2016

Well? :twilightsmile:

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*starts sleeping with a knife on standby*

Switch to decaff.

4250753 *sleeps clutching a bazooka*

4250777 *sleeps in the Scooping Room from FNaF: Sister Location*

Ombutter, I want one so bad now.

Holy sugar honey ice tea!

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