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Apologies to All · 5:04am Sep 1st, 2016

Not a long journal here, but I would like to apologize to everyone who reads my stories.

Given current things that have happened to me today, I am afraid I will have to suspend any updates of my stories until further notice. So that means nothing will be updated, nor will any new stories be posted, one of which I was hoping on being posted after I had gone to sleep, but it never got checked out so...

Yeah I'm going to be taking a break so I can get my shitty life in order... chances are I won't be posting anything new in a long while. I will still be reading new stories that come out, as well as the story update that I follow, so I won't be gone entirely.

Sorry all... but as much as I love fanfiction, my life comes first.

Don't take this as my stories are dead forever, I am just sick of my current living situation and I want to change that. But, no one cares enough to help me... no one... so...

I'm on my own.

Bye for now guys...

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Sorry for whatever happened to you I hope you get things sorted out.:pinkiesad2:

All the best mate, God bless and I'll see ya round. You were my first follower and your support really helped :) In the words of KSE:
Who can reach you from the fall and save you?
Only you
Who can take the pain away and change you?
Only you

4185018 It was nothing terrible, I was just waiting for something and now I am forced to wait another month... again, for a way to get a job so... ugh.
But thank you :heart:

4185020 I honestly hope things get better for the both of us friend, legit
Good luck to you with all that fun collage crap :rainbowkiss:

Same bud, I'll still be around reading stories, I just won't be writing... maybe... >.> knowing me I probably can't stop writing something. But I'm glad I helped you out man, thanks for your kind words.

Thanks to the lot of ye :heart:

I feel ya, hahaha.
You're welcome friend! :heart:

Little late, but I hope you get your life and everything sorted out quickly and as painlessly as possible...real life can be a real pain sometimes. Obviously I don't know how exactly your life's going (and I'm not asking for details, that would be creepy), but I feel similar, since I just started college and I have barely enough time to write, sadly (and when I do have time I just lose inspiration).

Good luck at life and all that fun stuff!

Eh, its cool, I'm pretty open about my life, I don't really keep secrets. Its most money problems and me trying to get a job, which I need a bike for, and I had been waiting two months already to try and get one... but now I'm being told I have to wait another month to get said bike and I'm just sick of waiting. The entire situation is giving me a headache, hence the break I'm taking from writing ponies.

Thanks for your words brosef.

As always real life comes first. I wish you well sir and that things will go right for you.

no one cares? really are you sure I care and I barely know you if at all if its any help I now some tricks that might help

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