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    Dear Nintendo

    From the bottom of my heart...

    Fuck you.

    All three titles in Super Mario 3D All Stars are emulated.

    No 1080p.
    No widescreen.
    No 60 FPS.

    And you suits want $60 for this?

    I don't get it. Sometimes you folks are the most innovative developers.

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7 Days To Go · 1:15am Aug 21st, 2016

And to pass the time (and so I don't burn out on No Man's Sky), I went out and bought a real Pokémon game, for the first time in over a decade.

Pokémon X is proving to be quite fun.

But I think the fans are old enough where we can go ahead and release Pokémon XXX.

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Comments ( 9 )

Little late to the party, considering that ORAS came out two years ago and Sun/Moon will be out in a few months. Still waiting for Z Version here... :fluttercry:

So, who's your starter?


Oh, you picked the worst one? No, no, I don't really mean that. Chespin's my favorite of the bunch (love that little guy), and I'm relieved that they finally stopped making Fire/Fighting starters. As for Greninja, I think he's a bit overrated. Kind of reminds me of Shadowman.EXE (Megaman Battle Network) though.


Oh, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions.

4162077 I think you have a typo and meant to say the CUTEST ONE.


Oh, I beg to differ! I mean, I picked Fennekin in my Y version and named him Firefox (obviously). But I played X version first, and my first pick was Chespin. Chespin is cutest sixth generation starter. Even when fully evolved, Chesnaught is just so darn huggable, even if it looks like it can both crush and skewer you in its arms. That, and I might have a thing for Grass starters. All of them except Chikorita.

4162095 I'm the same way with Fire starters.

Hehe, puns.

Urm miles if there's 7 days to go before your vacation don't you think it'd be best to post the chapters so far? In one compilation before your short "hiatus"?

I'd probably try to find some time to add my contributions before I have to focus on education before my finals this year...


I think I can top that. Now, often with Pokemon games that are released together, the names are shortened to their initials. Gold and Silver are GS, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are ORAS, and Black and White are BW.

And with the seventh generation (Sun and Moon), there's always the possibility that we'll get remakes of the fourth generation games (Diamond and Pearl). Because who doesn't love a little DP with their S&M?

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