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Editor Needed · 5:43pm Aug 13th, 2016

Initialize Message #001

Since my editor resigned from his position as editor, I am in need of another editor. However, I require said editor to be a good one. Not just fixing mistakes here and there but giving the chapters a good read-through, as well as able to correct my syntax, sentence structures vocabulary, and more, as I'm not a native English speaker and does tend to make mistakes like that. And we want this to be enjoyable for the reader, right?

If you wish to become my editor, send me a message and we'll discuss things there. I do hope that a good editor shows itself to me because this story would benefit quite well from having an editor.

End Message #001

Comments ( 1 )

I would offer to be an editor but I would be rather new at it... I get the impression that you're after someone with a bit more experience under their belt.

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