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Kinks: Robotization

Gotta admit, that is pretty kinky.

Nice. It was pretty suspenseful. I'm on the edge of my seat :D.

7165510 I sure do hope so!

7165514 Glad you like it!

7165517 Aye, decided that the last part was good enough to be posted without revision, so I posted it. Hope you don't mind!

7165624 i do have ask one thing. Assuming that the bad guy succeeds and conquering the world. How is he going to maintain the popualtion. making them all robotic seems to also me no procreation.

7165631 Mostly through cloning or genetic manipulation, really. Taking cells and just clone it. It's the easiest way, to be honest, with almost no chance of the new drone being born with genetic malfunctions.

7165647 okay.

eager to see who this being is and how they pulled this off.

7165523 I'm glad to see it up! I have to admit, at the end, I expected the drone chasing Rainbow to be Spitfire. Interested to see where this goes!

7165849 Ha, I never even thought about that one. That would have made more sense, to be honest. But in hindsight, I always had Spitfire in mind as one of the members of the Resistance.

7165868 Well the drone could always be Lightning Dust.

Or Cloud Kicker :scootangel:

Yeah, tell that to the Asgard.

7166245 A story where hypnosis or mind control is the main theme of the story.

Oooh, this looks intriguing.
Definitely going to check this out tonight.

one thing...
are Spitfire and Soarin the only ones that escaped this idea

7167715 Oh, no, no, we'll meet the rest of the Resistance in the next chapter.

Comment posted by DEFUNCT_ACCOUNT deleted Nov 26th, 2016

7169650 I got Wintermist helping me with steering the idea a little but I could always use an editor, if perhaps you are up for it?

Comment posted by DEFUNCT_ACCOUNT deleted Nov 26th, 2016

7171129 Great! Where should I sent finished chapters? It'll be on Gdocs, so I just need to send you the link.

Comment posted by DEFUNCT_ACCOUNT deleted Nov 26th, 2016

Okay here's something for you guys.

"Blue streak speeds by, Rainbow the Dash
Too fast for the naked eye, Rainbow the Dash
Rainbow, she can really move
Rainbow, she's got an attitude

THose you get the reference gets a :rainbowdetermined2:

Whys this tagged with 'sex'?

You know I feel really compelled to rp this with you sometime, if you don't mind of course!

7173276 At the moment I am not sure yet if mature things shall happen, but I do think so. That's why I put it there. If I won't do it in the future, I'll take it off again.

7179280 Sure, send me a PM and I'm certain we can discuss something.

I really like the whole setup of this story. I can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Are the dude drones wearing high heels too?

Is this fic going to be centered around clop?

7183060 Thank you.

7183086 Nope, normal combat boots but made out of latex. And no, the clop is not centered but might happen from time to time.

7172575 Welp. Now when I read this story all I can think about is that show :rainbowdetermined2:
...not that that's a bad thing :twilightsmile:

Also, pretty interesting story so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!

7205734 you wanna bet the real villain is like this.

I really like this story.. I'm really curious as to what happens.

7464067 Lots of things! Not to worry, second chapter in editing mode at the moment.


Do you need help with editing?

7524523 Could always use more editors. Have two new editors at the moment. Tell me, do you have any prior experience?

7535092 Hmmm, consider yourself hired! I shall send you a message with the chapter on Gdocs. You can edit it when you want. Note, not native English so at times, sentence structures and such might be a bit off. I also ask if you could correct and vocabulary changes where you see fit. Some variation would be nice. Basically, give it a good overhaul while keeping the main story intact. Sounds good?


Sure. I'm out of town/away from PC this weekend, so I may not get you anything until Monday.

7535401 Sure, also, since I get some inspiration out of RPs that I do, I'd like to ask if you are interested in RPing? It's fine if you don't, of course, just wanted to ask cause at times, it does help me and it's fun as well!

7535579 Like I said, that's fine! Either way, sent you the file via PM. Take a look at it when you have time and, if possible, could you get back to me once you have finished it?


Well I was planning on writing the edits on paper, and then burning them to stop the reptilians from finding it, but telling you when I'm done works too.


Sent you a pm regarding edits.

Creepy & disturbing, not sure if I like it. But it is written well.

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