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    Initialize Message #001

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    Cameo Call

    Hey there, hypno fans! You may or may not have read my most recent story, The Robotic Empire.
    Well, in order to make the story more lively, I'm willing to place OCs of yours into the story as cameo characters.

    So, if you want your OC to appear in the story, then I suggest you comment the following:

    Name of OC
    Looks of OC
    Reference if possible

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    So yes, I have returned, but I have come with new art, new stories, and a new image! Dream Searcher is the name, gone is Belgian! I won't be as active as before and stories can take a huge amount of time due to RL stuff, but hey, at least there's an influx again.

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    I came in like a wreeecking ball.

    For those of you who haven't seen it:

    I'm dying, please send help.

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    There we go, I have retired from writing.

    Yes, I have deleted 'Did I Ever Tell You The Definition of Insanity' and I will write no new stories. It's over and done. Finally, it's time for some well deserved rest. But, I do know that there are still some collabs that I'm doing, and I will continue them, though. But, no new stories written by me.

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I came in like a wreeecking ball. · 7:36am Nov 28th, 2013

For those of you who haven't seen it:

I'm dying, please send help.

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Comments ( 14 )

I saw that this morning and I was dieing.:rainbowlaugh:

1549128 1:58 has the best face, tho.

Oh my god this is- i'm dying! hahahaha send help!

What the fuck those guys are my cousins! xD

Oh God, I'd send help, but I'm dying too.

... finaly, A spot to say this to you.
anyway... Belgian hey, where in Belgium, if I may ask?


Don't want any form of contact on this site anymore. And I live in Vilvoorde.

2510857 sorry. I understand it... I guess
Maar ik wil nog zegge da ik in Turnhout woon.
But.... well.. bye then. :fluttercry:

2510893 Eh, neem het niet persoonlijk op, maar deze site heeft me nogal zuur gemaakt. Je bent nog redelijk nieuw hier. Wacht maar binnen een jaar, mischien zal je hetzelfde zeggen later.

2511606 ja, het begint zo wat. De ene hoop word na de andere verbrijzeld. Nadat ik mijn laatste projecten heb afgewerkt ga ik misschien stoppen. Of op zijn minst even weg.
Maar gelukkig zijn er nog vriendelijke mensen op deze site die, wel, ...
Ach kom. Je maakt online vrienden. Dat is toch iets... niet?

2513738 Yep, maar deze site is echt niet meer wat her geweest is.

2514606 en nu is het alweer verandert.

2516314 Ik vind het eigenlijk nog wel meevallen. Maar ik gebruik deze site niet echt veel meer, dus...

2518104 meh, ik was het oudere toch beter....

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