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i want to fuck and forget who i am · 7:03am Jul 31st, 2016

1990 was a long year and we are all out of hot water now
for those of you who don't know, I make music
I am excruciatingly bad at it
this is a horrible cover of jordaan mason and the horse museum's final track from "divorce lawyers i shaved my head"
fantastic record, definitely recommended for fans of lo-fi and apocalyptic folk and/or Neutral Milk Hotel (this album is spiritual successor to ITAOTS)
it's pretty good

Report Regidar · 307 views · #music
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i want to forget and fuck who i am

4123994 don't just sit there and talk about
live your dreams

If I ever do it, I've found the perfect song to do it with.

Filthy Frank's is good too.

4124435 i have a cover of kill yourself

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