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Why So Serious? Okay, let's try this again. Also, some info. · 8:21pm Jul 30th, 2016

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, my last request for help with Why So Serious? didn't exactly get the response I was looking for. So, let's try this again. I need help with the long description of story, so that I can try to avoid a repeat of what happened with Throw It All Away and rebuild my social standings on this site. It doesn't matter if those who disliked Throw It All Away read it or not (although I know for a fact that a good portion of them didn't, thanks to the Live Reader Counter that each chapter has, which needless to say, really grinds my gears.) I just don't want to have to go through another incident like that again where I do things that I'll regret later, and get beaten down for doing them, and risk losing some of my good friends on this site. Is that really too much to ask for?

Okay, now then, I did some tinkering with the long description since my last post. Please, I beg of you, tell me what I can do to improve it, what to change, anything really.

Main Theme: One Bad Day by Bobaflex

Brendan Kane used to be an ordinary guy in his late twenties who worked at a chemical plant in New York City. However, that was just his day job. At night, he went to various clubs in and near the city, dreaming of one day making it big and getting his own show in Las Vegas, However, these dreams come crashing down when Brendan dies trying to save his co-workers from a fire at the plant. While in Purgatory, Brendan meets a mysterious entity named Kilroy, who offers him a second chance at life. Accepting the offer, Brendan is reborn as The Joker. Now, armed with all of his new skills, abilities, "toys," and a Magic Satchel ability, Joker sets out to eradicate Equestria's criminal underworld with a nice, big, smile. Unfortunately for Mr. J, his methods of dispensing justice, which usually results in the death of the criminal or criminals who cross his path, gets him on the wrong side of Princess Celestia, her sister Luna, and their champions, the Mane 6 a.k.a the Elements of Harmony, as well as a place on Equestria's Most Wanted list. Joker, meanwhile, sees the Elements of Harmony as mere lackeys who care more about the big, obvious threats than the ones that are right outside their front lawn, and views the Princesses as cake-eating do-nothing rulers with a hysterical excuse of a military. However, when superpowered criminals and assassins begin to turn up all over Equestria, The Joker and The Mane 6 must set aside their differences and work together to put an end to these threats. And, perhaps, in the process, they can come to consider each other true friends, and in the case of Pinkie Pie, something more than just a friend.

Warning: Contains Thunderlane. As in, TheCamel's version of Thunderlane

Additional Warning: Contains Joker X Pinkie Pie, Twilight X Spike, and Vinyl Scratch X Octavia. Other pairings to be determined.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why the Hell I'm warning about Thunderlane being in it. Simple: there's a user on this site known as TheCamel, who's written some very... disturbing... stories involving Thunderlane, such as Hoofies. You can look up these stories if you want, but be warned: you WILL lose your innocence and any respect whatsoever for Thunderlane. In fact, after browsing these stories, Thunderlane has automatically become my least favorite pony. Additionally, this particular version of Thunderlane will be the first criminal to fall prey to Joker's Symlex/Joker Venom for his crimes. Not only that, but he'll play a part in the circumstances that lead to Vinyl Scratch becoming Shriek later on.

While we're on the topic of Joker, by the way, he's going to be taking the Jason Todd/Red Hood approach to crime fighting, by being one part anti-hero/vigilante, and one part criminal kingpin.

Well, that's all for today, kiddies! Please give me a hand with making sure I can make this story the best it can be, I beg of you. And remember: dying is easy, comedy is hard!

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Comments ( 11 )

Well I can't do much, but try.
Brendan Kane an Average-Joe chemist, with dreams of hitting it big . But those dreams were cut short, thanks to a fire where he tried to save his colleges.
While in Heaven's waiting room (or just call it Purgatory), Brendan meets a wierd entity named Kilroy. Kilroy offers him another chance and he accepts and for that gets reborn as The Joker. Now with his abilities and 'toys', he tries to destroy Equestria's criminal underworld with a big smile!
Unfortunately his way of dealing with criminals isn't really non-lethal so it gets him on the bad side of the rulers and the Mane 6. And it helps him to get on The Most Wanted List. Meanwhile The Joker things that The Princesses are just oblivious and that the Mane 6 are mere tools, but after some new life-threating criminals and assains start showing up everywhere, The Joker and the Mane 6 have to work together to solve the problem. And maybe in the process they will become good friends...Maybe something more for Pinkie

Welp...That's my best, I'm not used to writting these soooo...I tried my best!:twilightsheepish:

all it takes is one bad day. Brendan Kane had worked at chemical plant in New York City during the day. at night he was a comedian in small clubs trying to make it to the big shows. these dreams come crashing down when Brendan died saving colleague. waiting to be judged he met a entity named kilroy. Brendan Kane had one bad day and now he lives in equestria as the joker with a happy psychotic smile, a lot of toys and eradicating Equestria's criminal underworld, he is now one of the most wanted men in Equestria if not the most wanted, evrey thing seems to stop for him as more supper powered villains and assassins show up. now he has to side with people he sees as pawns and and good-for-nothings. who knows maybe his opinion will change and he'll make friend, maybe more or maybe not after it only takes one bad day. i did a short long description i thought of while listing to the killer joke have fun with the rest of every thing damit i should have something about carnival music in there damit i missed a grate joke

4122778 Wow! Your description is awsome!

"Brendan Kane used to be New York chemist by day, and a dreaming club-goer by night. However, this dichotomy comes crashing down when Brendan dies saving his co-workers, meeting a mysterious entity in the afterlife who offers him a second chance at life. Accepting the offer, Brendan is reborn as The Joker, armed with all of the befitting toys and a desire to eradicate Equestria's criminal underworld with a great big smile. However, his methods of dispensing justice get him on the wrong side of the Princesses, Celestia and Luna, and their champions, the Elements of Harmony.
While Joker is placed on the Most Wanted list by those he sees as mere lackeys or do-nothing rulers, superpowered criminals and assassins begin to turn up all over Equestria. The Joker and The Elements are forced to set aside their differences and work together to put an end to these threats, and birth new new alliances in the process.
Perhaps, even, more than a simple alliance, in the case of a certain pink party pony."

The last line could be cut out, and just a tad of the "While..., superpowered..." could be trimmed. But here's my take on how to shorten the description.
Hope that helps! :twilightsmile:

4122820 thank the killer joke it were i get my inner joker

All of those are great! Perhaps I can find a way to mush them all together with mine. One thing's for sure though:


One other thing: What should I call the first chapter? I started with "Thunderlane's Last Laugh," then I moved onto...

The title I have right now is "I Started A Joke." And then I found out that the song "I Started A Joke" was really more of a sad song and not very fitting for what I intended for Joker's intro, fighting Thunderlane and his gang. Quite honestly, it sums up how I felt after Throw It All Away hit the fan. Here, listen:

So, anyone have any ideas?

4122931 I find that it's a better idea to write the chapter first, and decide upon a name from the content of that chapter.
Besides, you can always just call it "chapter 1"

Though, knowing the content from the synopsis...
You could reference Catwoman from 2004...

Okay, how so? I've seen the movie, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank.

4122965 "It all started on the day that I died"


I knew that. I just haven't seen the movie in awhile, that's all. Admittedly, that's also pretty good way into transition from the opening dialogue into the story proper. Thank you.

4122931 Hmmm.....I just agree with Narwhall Assasin

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