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Third time... well... · 11:25am Jul 12th, 2016

Okay! Third chapter's up, after nearly giving up and rewriting the whole middle...
And it's another nice length too.
And as it has been warned before, this chapter's got a nasty innit. There's Stellar's first fight, a duel to the death. She discovers more about herself and starts another mystery... as if she hasn't got enough of them in her collection already.
I figured the Nobles would have a way to silence any real dissention in the other ponies if they started getting 'uppity', so that's the pretext for the fight. And they would have ensured Celestia couldn't intervene, as others have done with similar things IRL.
As I commented, I only gave the details I felt added to the description of what happens, without trying to go overboard with the gory aspects. After all, what happens to our 'victim' is horrific by anyone's standards, but they asked for it.
And Stellar has a lot of other questions about the history of the Sparkle Family to ask and research...

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