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    Progress has been made

    Heya Everypony!

    Yes, Chapter 18 of ALWAFH has been posted! It took a little longer than I had hoped to finish the chapter to my satisfaction, as well as fill the holes it had in it before I went into hospital, but I finally did it to the point where I was as satisfied as I needed to be to post it. So here it is!

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    Heya everypony! :pinkiehappy:

    Finally, Chapter 17 of ALWAFH has been finished and is up.

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  • 154 weeks
    Disappointment and solution-finding

    Hey everypony

    My computer core seems to be lost in transit. AusPost have no record of it beyond its insertion into the system, and the seller is surprised it hasn't arrived yet and has offered to send another one in its place.

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  • 155 weeks
    Getting there...

    Hey everypony.

    Okay, update:

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Getting there... · 9:05am Oct 2nd, 2018

Hey everypony.

Okay, update:

My computer components (New case, new m-board - CPU - RAM package ) have been ordered, and the case arrived first. I spent an hour this afternoon swapping components over and readying the case for its new core. I'm hoping the rest will turn up before the end of the week, and I can be back on-line properly by then. Then I just have to catch up with where I was and remember where things were going. Hopefully the notes I made just before my CPU toasted itself are saved and safe, or else I might be a few days before I can pick up the thread again.

Wish me luck...

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Comments ( 7 )

if you have them on a second drive you should be good.
if you only have 1 drive well with all the new parts you will be doing a clean install of a OS witch will do a total format of the drive.

best bet if you can find a external case USB you should be able to pull the needed info that way using a separate pc,

or grab a 256 gig ssd cheep and make that your master / new drive and your old drive a second drive to back every thing up on.
get the new system up and going plug in the second drive pull the info format that drive and you are golden.

Good luck

4946948 Not sure cheap SSDs are an option where she is

this is vary true.
as to cheep i can get a vary good 250gig ssd for $80 and even if it is 100% mark up that is still only $160.

4946976 Seen ads for 500GB SSDs for that price range

vary true but i do prefer the EVO and the 860 is one of the top in that line and hold up super good.
i am running the EVO 890 M2 drive my self and you cant believe the speed and it has been running for 3 years with no problems.

4946983 Using the 860 myself it replaced my original M2 Crucial that was developing issues

I have an older SATA 500GB HDD that I'll be using for the install. It's got Win 10 Pro on it and not much else. Once things are going, I'll switch the drives around and pull it out. Then my main 1TB will become the system drive and my 2TB will be my storage drive again.

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