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    Heya Everypony!

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Finally back in the swing of things · 8:20am Dec 15th, 2018

Heya everypony! :pinkiehappy:

Finally, Chapter 17 of ALWAFH has been finished and is up.

The explanation of why it has been so long is also in the author's notes. It's been a rough run since I was admitted to hospital on the 25th of October. After four operations on my right hand to try and stop the tissue necrosis, on the fifth of November, the doctors made the decision to perform what they call a 'ray amputation', and removed the finger, since the four flush-outs of the tendon-sheaths failed to stop the progression of the necrosis. Fortunately, this seems to have worked, and my hand, minus one finger, is healing nicely with no signs of the necrosis returning.

And, yes, there has been instances of 'phantom' pain, as well as incessant itching in the no-longer-there finger, as well as it trying to curl around anything I grab hold of, which is very freaky. My physical writing is getting better, as is my typing, although I still have times when I try to use said phantom finger to type out letters, and it messes up my writing something chronic. You do NOT want to see what even this simple blog post looked like before I edited it. Seriously.

Anyway, I did manage to get a lot of the story's two new chapters down while I was lying in my hospital bed, thanks to my cousin lending me his laptop (I loaded my stories off-line collection onto USB drives to work on them). Now Chapter 17 is up for your perusal.

You may note the rating of this story has changed, to Mature, as well as the markers for death, gore and violence are added as well. This is due to the fight scene that is a major part of the next chapter. So consider yourselves warned. It won't be as nasty as a Stephen King novel, but it's a little worse than when Stellar killed Blueblood. If you don't agree it should be rated 'Mature', or maybe it should be rated more as 'Teen', then please, tell me. I can change it if you think it wouldn't need Luna or Pinkie to comfort foals over what I've written.

So, here's to me finishing chapter 18 before Christmas. It's nearly there, just some incidental scenes to be added in to glue it all together...

Best wishes,

Stellar :twilightsmile:

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