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  • 13 weeks

    whaddup tho

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  • 62 weeks


    the wedding was a fucking blast, actually

    Professor Plum made a really excellent bridesman, and as soon as I get the pics back with him in his kilt, they'll be incoming

    and Sicily for the honeymoon was just

    my god


    14 comments · 172 views
  • 64 weeks
    Oh hey

    Wow, been a hot minute, eh?

    I've missed this site. Last year, I went through Some Shit over the summer and fall, and then I got engaged in November to a very nice man.

    We get married in five days, and I had noticed a lot of registry gifts coming in all of a sudden with real names attached that I did not recognize.

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  • 118 weeks

    Germany is kiboshed, unfortunately--lots of rl stuff going on around con-time.

    So, instead, I'll be at Bronycon so I'm closer to home :)

    Can't wait to see you guys!


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  • 131 weeks
    Snowed in still lol

    So, I'm snowed in and school is out, so I have to be home to care for Best Child during this noreaster.

    Since my vacation time is being eaten by these like weekly noreasters (thanks, Pennsylvania), my pony plans are changing.

    Initially, I had two vacations planned: one, to go to England for a week to see Professor Plum; and two, to go to Bronycon in Maryland.

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LOOKIE ME DO · 1:59pm Jun 23rd, 2016

Schedule date time and place posted for the panel I'm on!

Hall of the Sun
Saturday, July 9th


Report MidnightDancer · 251 views · #bronycon
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Comments ( 13 )
Majin Syeekoh

That's later than it was last year, I think.

Who is all in the panel?

4043630 Probably. I assume they have it late because shipping/children doesn't mix

4043637 all i know for sure is me, bookplayer, and capn chryssalid

4043643 will do :raritystarry:

Majin Syeekoh

4043652 I mean i'll make it, but I can't promise full sobriety at 10:30 pm on a Saturday at bronycon.

4043655 bruh I cant even promise i'll be sober, its ok

Majin Syeekoh

4043656 as long as we'll be on the same page I guess it'll be cool

4043658 you and Dragon are my hype men, you don't hafta be sober for that

4043652 I wish I could make it but sadly I can't :scootangel:

Majin Syeekoh

4043659 I guess I'll just shoot for being able to walk in a straight line.

That's a good goal. The rest will come later.

Dancer, obviously, me, Capn_Chryssalid, Titanium Dragon, and horizon.

4043852 Nice, sounds like a solid panel. I am still trying to see if I can make it up there, but just like last year, money is an issue.

I just saw the schedule today and was wondering which panel you were on. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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