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Summer · 10:53pm Jun 7th, 2016

Hey guys! I have a few things to update on, but I shouldn't take too long.

I am excited to report that I have officially graduated high school on Friday of last week. After a 12 year long journey, I have finally finished the first chapter of my life. It's rather bittersweet, leaving all that I know and its memories behind me only to face the unknown, which is pretty intimidating and scary at times. With that said, I am ready for it and am satisfied with the end of my high school career. I ended on a very good note, having made Varsity in my chosen sport, voted in as captain, played at championships even with a nasty hand injury, graduated with honors, got accepted into college, and said my final goodbyes to many people and many friends as we all go our separate ways. I know I'll still stay in touch with a few of them, but college is said to be where you make your life long friends. So, while a bit sour tasting, I think I am happy with the outcome.

My current goals involve going to the University of North Dakota to study Aerospace Engineering and joining the Army Reserve. That's... about it really. At least those are my main goals. If I focus my attention only between those two things and nothing else major in life, I should be able to make through them both with relative success.

Chapter 10 of ROTG is coming along and I am halfway done with it. However, I think I will devote the next few hours of any kind of writing effort I put forth into the Guardian rewrite. It's been worming its way through my mind.

Hmm... Well, I can't think of anything else. The summer so far has been incredibly boring. This is the first time I don't have a summer job lined up for me, and it's kind of a pisser when you find yourself sitting with nothing to do. I haven't volunteered this year to coach tennis as well, so I'm literally just bumming around, eating food and staring at my computer. Guess I really will gain the freshman 15 lol.

Hopefully getting into the Army will keep me more than busy enough. We'll see, still gotta get in.

I think that's it folks. I'll have some photos down below of tennis and graduation this year. I hope you all are doing well!

With regards, Req~

(Pic Spam Below)

Hated the long hair early season.

One of my senior pictures. That is my Australian Shepherd, Demon. Contrary to his name, he is super sweet :)

My best friends and I after graduation.

The team schedule asked for serious images from all of us.

This was at the 7AA Championships. Shhh.... don't tell them my foot was on the line ;P

This is me hailing my fuhrer! Sieg heil!

I call this one oppa tennis style lol.

This is the thumb I played at the championships with. I had severely sprained it while playing basketball the night before 0_0 Still won 2 of 4 matches!

My rushed morph art final.

And finally, to finish off my time in high school, this was the accumulation of my four years in high school displayed at my open house.

Thanks for taking a look guys :)

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Congrats, man. I'm a sophomore, so I still have a ways to go. But, hey, more time to edit, right?

Ayyyy, I graduated too on May 19. Onwards to college!

Well, good to know you're doing better than I am, mate. Just don't get too busy to be an editor. I don't know what I would do without you...

4007377 I'm so behind on your editing 0_0 I actually went through and cleaned up house today in my drive. I had like, 5 GB of junk in there, counting my email. Please, if you would, PM me the things you need done and I'll get to it asap.

4007389 Whoot whoot! 30 years of student loan debt here I come!

4007422 Wake me, when you need me :3


When don't I need you?

4007557 Thanks. I'll get to it.


Pain is just weakness leaving a badass body! YAAAAAAAAARGH! :flutterrage:

congrats man! I have an older brother graduating this Friday, so I kinda know how it feels (not really). :P
(I also happen to be a sophomore, so I got a few years left to decide what I want to do post- secondary.)
PS. hah! we both wear glasses!

Good work friend. May you pave your path in your future. Also, here's a song

4007583 Aye, that's a good way of looking at it :P

4007598 Psh, I feel like there is a hoard looking for me at times lol

4007885 Enjoy your time in school, it will pass faster than you think. And the more eyes to see with the better eh?

4007966 Thanks man :)

4008082 but of course, and I will. :pinkiehappy:
once again, congrats and good luck to you in the future. :twilightsmile:

Congratulations, my friend :pinkiehappy: May this new chapter of your life lead you to a bright and happy future :yay:
I take also the opportunity to thank you for the help during these years, were it to edit a new chapter or simply hear (read?) me ranting when I was frustrated.

This is good news! :twilightsmile:

things in life are about to get WAY more interesting, pay attention and have fun.

also your dog is adorable. (perhaps not fluttershy levels of adorableness, but still...) :fluttercry:

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