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New video on "Applejack's 'Day' Off" · 2:15pm Jun 3rd, 2016

Take dat video witchu before I go to work. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

Report LightningSword · 396 views · #New video
Comments ( 3 )

Very nice video, my friend. I agree with many of the points you made. While this episode probably won't be in my personal top 5 for the season, it certainly is better than some episodes we've seen already.

And you are also right in saying that Applejack looks really good in that tool belt. :ajsmug:

One thing that I have noticed about Twilight and Spike when they are in filler mode, they tend to take the place of a comedic duo when they are being used as filler. The only one's I have yet to see them do is Abbott and Costello, but we already got 'Who's on First' during the episode Tank went into hibernation.

Though I do agree Pinkie works out best for filler, I mostly blame Hasbro for the use of Spike and Twilight (gotta sell them toys some how). But I do agree that this episode did feel like I was watching the Twilight Zone at some points, only with out the cruel twist that comes at the end. Or three people dying in a fire during the shooting of the movie. *shudders*

All and all I have high hopes for the episodes to come, even the fillers should they choose to spin the roulette wheel to decide who's in it.

lol pinkie the walking meme, that's great... :pinkiehappy:

(also found this great pic) img.memecdn.com/fluttershy-and-pinkie-pie-deal-with-it-my-first-gif_gp_2428707.jpg :rainbowlaugh: i love it!

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