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I pity the man who has known no struggles, for it is only through hard times that we know who we truly are.

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    The Unfettered Sun

    If you guys followed me take a look at my new story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/390753/1/the-unfettered-sun/no-princess-rules-forever

    Tanks folks

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    NPR Short Story

    I'm not quite sure why I wrote this short story, but eh, why not pass it along anyway? It's a bit on the macabre side of the house, might be because I've been reading Lovecraft and others recently. Though I'd say the scariest part about this thing is that it's unedited. But, just in case dark isn't your thing, no worries, and tanks for dropping in. For all others... enjoy. I guess?

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    Quick Question For My Readers Of Friendly AC-130

    So, I've actually got a bit of a serious question to ask you all. I've got two separate paths this story can take, the first is the one that I've always planned for and it will be pretty long, the other is a little adventure which would be considerably shorter before wrapping up the loose ends. The first one is the one I really want to write, but I'm grappling a bit with the fact that it might

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    Next Chapter Update

    I'm finished with the first of a two part chapter that you can now expect will be up as soon as I have some people read through it.

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    Bad Omen

    So Chapter 5 should be arriving after a few people pre-read and edit for me. Barring any major changes it should be up by next Friday at the latest, otherwise I'd say expect it Wednesday. If you want to pre-read it PM me.

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Chapter 4 of Friendly AC-130 inbound · 7:58am May 25th, 2016

So chapter 4 finally appeared, however I'm in need of at least a pre-reader or two. Maybe an editor if someone feels up to it. To everyone else should be up within the week.

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A Wild Chapter 4 Appeared!

I do some editing work professionally... and on one other story here. I can look it over, if you'd like. Link me the google doc for it and I'll have it back with any editing suggestions in 24 hours. ...Unless you're after stylistic stuff. That might take longer, but I don't see you needing it; the story so far has been enjoyable. Your call: if not, I'll look forward to seeing it when it posts.

As I said previously, I wouldn't mind helping, even if I am sure you can find better helper out there.


I could edit for you, I can also help you with ideas!

3973167 The chapter is posted now, but I appreciate the offer. However I could always use some one to bounce ideas off of if you wouldn't be concerned with chapter to chapter spoilers.

3973233 I am fine with that, and I am used to it because everyone watches stuff before me and tells me about it, even though it sucks, I am used to it, and I always like stories that sometimes get edited to get a different part!

3973233 Sweet I'll get in touch with you once I start on the next chapter. Have a :pinkiehappy: , you're awesome!

3973246 Np! I always like to help! :twilightsmile:

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