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I pity the man who has known no struggles, for it is only through hard times that we know who we truly are.

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Nothing stands in the sun too long, not even the one who bears the responsibility of raising it. After more then a thousand years and some change of ruling, Celestia has decided to finally retire.

My spin on the overly angsty immortal Celestia trope.

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A United States Air Force AC-130 is transported to Equestria while in transit through the Bermuda Triangle. Insanity aside, this motley crew of aviators must juggle their duties while treading the uncertain waters of diplomacy.

Disclaimer: I've decided to write this in an attempt to get a more realistic view of what military in Equestria would act like, rather then the dark brooding kill happy stuff I've read. So with that being said, these guys will act more like diplomats. So there won't be much gore, and they certainly won't be going on a killing spree. (Obviously, as fiction the term realistic is applied loosely. My main goal is a realistic characterization of one specific community within the military. Just keep an open mind about how sub-cultures can exist within an entity as large as the U.S. military and you'll be fine.) Also rated teen for obvious reasons, morbid humor, light swearing, and background stories.

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Princess Celestia has started getting frequent headaches while reading. Her insistence on staying away from her personal physician however, only invites future headaches in the form of Luna's mischief. Will Princess Celestia be able to dodge her doctor forever?

Takes place between seasons 2 and 3, and will come out in small chapters till finished.
Cover Image credit goes to AxemGR, not sure how to embed so check him out on deviant art.

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