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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

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Bronycan 2016 · 9:37am May 19th, 2016

That's Bronycan. With an eh!

Ahem. Anyway, it takes place once again in Vancouver, Canada around late August, perfectly after my classes end. You might see me hanging out with Gary Oak or TJ Pones/HorseyWife. Assuming all goes well, I'm going to once again be on the fanfiction panel along with GaryOak and I believe vren55? I'll mostly be wandering around to different places, so if there are any questions you'd personally like to ask me, or if you just want to meet and greet, your best bet would probably be immediately after the fanfiction panel.

Q: Why not Bronycon or Everfree Northwest?
Do I look like I'm made out of money? Plus if I were made of money, I'd have to like, remove part of my body to pay for things. That's just disturbing. Buying groceries would be like indirect cannibalism. Additionally, I have class during summer semester and so most other cons fall on inconvenient dates. It seems like Bronycan is the only one who hosts their con during the most sane time slot of the summer. Multiplicatively, I can only really afford to go to one con a year at the moment. And lastly, divisionally, transit seems like it would be a killer for further away cons! Going to EFNW would require basically a full day of transit in either direction. The con hotel in Vancouver only takes like 6 or 7 hours.

Anyway, if anyone lives in the area, I highly recommend checking out the con. Bronycan in particular has always been run really smoothly, been tons of fun, and has stayed at the sort of scale where it feels big, but there's still a real sense of community. It's not uncommon to run into the same people in between events several times over the weekend.

I leave you with last year's opening ceremony animation, by the infamously strange IMATOONLINK:

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According to what Gary said to me. Yes, I'm going to be coming along to Bronycan and will also be pannelling. Great to know we'll probably be panneling together soundslikeponies.

I'm seriously considering going to Bronycan. I mean, I've driven from Southern California to Seattle three years in a row now for everfree Northwest, and if you make it to Seattle, my understanding is that Vancouver isn't much farther.

3956250 It is about a couple of hours farther... basically if you lived in Vancouver, you can spend a day at Seattle and come back to Vancouver in a day, but the time you have in seattle is about 4 hours as it takes ROUGHLY about 3 hours to get from Downtown seattle to the Bronycan conference... Google maps says 2 hours 20, but border crossing can be a dick.

Best to rent a hotel there cause seriously, you'll need it.

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