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Hello... I am hoofed writing. I write stories of the vast world of ponies. (along other beings) I'm in love with peaches and they help me write. Peaches ~ <3

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  • 165 weeks

    So as you can see I posted a new chapter to foal fable and I want people to see it... but that's the problem it has gotten about 10 unique views since I have been back and advertising it. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • 166 weeks

    I spent the last hour or so rewriting the first chapter of Foal Fable And it is much better. I hope it floats better with readers and won't kill your eyes. XD

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  • 166 weeks
    Guess who is back!

    Hello world of techno colored ponies! Sorry I disappeared for a looong time. I had many things that prevented me from writing but now I'm back better than ever. I'm thinking of taking down my original or editing the hay out of my main story and making it well note worthy and a worth while read. So bear with me while I get back into business.

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  • 209 weeks
    I'm Proud of you

    Like the title says, I'm proud of you guys. Foal fable has a rating of 9 that was +3 in one day. I know that isn't all that much but for me that is a lot. A whole lot. So I just wanted to thank you all.

    So tomorrow I get to drive half way across the stay, oh joy.

    Also guys I'm interested in getting to know my audience, so please at anytime pm me and I will get back ASAP.


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  • 210 weeks

    Man... I dont know if its just me or what but it seems that traffic around her has slowed... alot. Its probably just me. But that isnt the only thing that is slow, chapter 6 is progressing at snail speed at the moment.

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Muffins but no peaches · 7:02pm May 8th, 2016

So it seems that I have returned from hell alive. Yay me. But alas, I come back to see that well nothing has changed on my story. No feed back what so ever, frankly I'm disappointed. But not everything can be perfect unlike my plan to take over the universe... I mean whaaaat? But on a happyer note I pulled a derpy this morning. Yea yea I know your thinking how many are dead? But none of that happened. (THANK CELESTIA!) I ate 7 muffins for breakfast. :derpytongue2: They were soooo good. But saddly the fruit bowl had no peaches. Sad day. But I'm happy to be back so say hi or something, please. It gets lonely over here. I hope I see ypou again.

hoofed writing

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