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D: sowwy · 10:06pm Apr 25th, 2016

Sorry I haven't updated anything lately. I just haven't had any determination to write.

At all.

I mean, I've started some other stories, including one that's not a pony-related story (I plan on at least trying to go through with it and maybe publish it one day), but in reality, I'm just not working on ANY of my stories right now. Of course though, either when I get some nice idea I really like, or when the next fnaf game comes out (which is, in fact, confirmed) I'll probably get something out. Something.
I was actually thinking about re-doing my story "The Truth" too. I found some more evidence on my fnaf theory, and really like it- I think I could run a longer one-two chapter fic with it ;w;
Alsooo, the new game confirmed is called "the sister location".
I kinda maybe already through the a theory out there on deviantart, which you can find here
I hope it sounds okay XD I've though there may have been a restaurant during the time of Fredbear's family diner, right before the second game's pizzeria ;v;

Other than that, I'm gonna upload the theory to a group, and... I guess I should at least give you guys some sort of update, right?
I've only really improved in art, more than anything right now.
I mean, we finally learned Radius/Diameter, and Area/Circumference of a circle in math, which had been killing me since I found circle area in our practice tests back in Elementary school XD
So, I mean, here's my art update ;w;
I drew a few things, although these two are my favorite so far:

and I made my first icon pixel:

along with an icon I'm actually proud of
It's not much but I'm getting better at animating... Slowly but surely!
I mean, I started out on deviantart drawing THIS

I mean, not that it's crazy bad or anything... It's just that I've actually improved so much within 7 months >w< Something I can actually be proud of ;w;
Although my mom also gets pretty happy when I show her something I draw on my computer, I swear, my grandpa.
I've tried EVERYTHING to make him proud of me. I had an A in match all the way until the last day before teacher planning day, and my B in science went down to a C during those two days too.
I was gonna surprise him, well, not surprise, but make him at least a little proud, when I was gonna show him three A's, and no C's.
But nope. I mean, I brought up my Civics like he said, and even got an A in language arts! But all he cared about was that C.
Everything I've drawn for him he just "shrugs his shoulders" to, and then walks off. I even ask him what he thinks. He says nothing.
He's never proud, no matter what I do.
And my Dad's not much better. I mean, yeah, he divorced my mom when I was like eight, so I don't see him often- and he's crazy about music.
I am too.
I love it.
I wanna write music one day.
I even wanna write my own soundtrack for a video game me and my friend have been working reeeally hard on.
But he wants me to do drums instead. He said something about being better at the jambai (or drums) and that I should get that instead of focusing on dubstep- which Dubstep will be what I use in my game.
I probably sound like a spoiled brat, I know.
I just need to write this out somewhere, get it out. He also said something like, "if you don't put culture in your music, NO ONE will ever listen to it, because they won't like it"... I mean, this doesn't upset me much, I just can't stop thinking about video game music. By culture, he referred directly to singing about your home, for me it being Florida. I mean, nothing wrong with his beliefs about music and all, I respect that completely! I just don't get why he thinks I HAVE to sing about my home, and not what I love, what I live for.
Besides I think he was drunk anyways because he gave me two movies and told me to write an essay about how they affect me. They were both movies about dying.
... Yeah.... One was reincarnation, "Cloud Atlas", and the other was something with Robin Williams in it.
I really wish he wouldn't get drunk when I was over there, because I barely see him and every single time he gets drunk some way or another.
I was able to get fnaf 2 tho! :'D I love it, I'm on night 4 right now and put one video on youtube >w< It was night three. You can find it on this channel:
I only have one channel, but I've only got two vids up right now of course. ;w;

But back to everything else.
Uh, here have the song I'm listening to right now I guess XD

Sorry for the rant, I'm pretty sure a lot of you probably don't want to hear me whine after being so dormant for a week or so.

It's just stress with school and family stuff is all.

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