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    Purple Tears V.2 Finally has a cover!

    I finally got around to finishing a cover for the story!
    Uhhhh also, if I seem really stupid when replying to a comment, like something I say goes over my head don't worry I just,,, always reply to comments, even if it's like 2AM and I'm about to pass out so I might not even register what you say very well pff

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    Security Puppet Prototype Sketch

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    Sneak Peek at Purple Tears V.2

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    With that said, here's a few chunks side by side!


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    Can confirm Purple Tears V.2 release 'date'

    I can confirm that, since I'm on chapter 6 now, I'll definitely be able to start releasing chapters once per week sometime during December, most likely starting on Christmas Break! This year, guys, it's gonna land this year! It's been what, two or three years since the original posted? I think you'll be very happy if you liked the old one to see the improvement with the new one! Although the old

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    tips on starting a story?

    It's more of a specific situation, but I thought I'd ask anyways! On my free time, when I get inspired (which isn't too often) I work on this little story idea that, in it's simplest, goes something like this:

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tips on starting a story? · 5:20pm Sep 15th, 2018

It's more of a specific situation, but I thought I'd ask anyways! On my free time, when I get inspired (which isn't too often) I work on this little story idea that, in it's simplest, goes something like this:
Gorl exists (15yr) > gorl gets hit by car? (bright flights, bam, boom, unconscious) > gorl wakes up in bed late for school > gorl finds out no one on the planet exists but herself and animals

Thing is, I have no idea how to start this story, or get the reader to be at least slightly interested in her before the real plot starts. Heck, I don't even know what her personality is, except she likes animals and survival stuff. Probably collects bones?

Basically a whole, "what would you do if everyone on earth vanished" question. A good entertaining video that explores the thought here:
(danplan makes great videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwWEUl5bAfs
There's a bit of a twist in the question as she stumbles across these creatures made of pure shadow(?) that lurk inside buildings during the day (because light kills them) so it makes surviving harder. A flashlight is enough to drive them away but they usually have free roam at night.
She also stumbles upon a friendly shadowy creature with I'll probably illustrate soon.

I'm probably going to put her where I live with name changes, because I can understand the layout much faster. Mall 30 minutes away, marketplace 10, pound near mall near school, downtown has horses with carriages, BAM plot made 10x faster.

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I guess have her either with friends talking (if she has any, if she's the shy, stays to herself kind never mind) or maybe just have her walking by herself after school (if she attends) having an inner monologue about herself and how she feels/what she does (maybe while doing some of it) goes to some brush or forest like area to see some animals and make a few things (said she likes survival stuff maybe she makes things from parts of nature, maybe arrowheads and like archery) finds a few bones (those actually could be used to secure a makeshift weapon with other parts) is looking over the ones she found while walking home, is lost in thought looking at them she walks right out in front of a car, turns in time to see it just before it hits her.

mmm this helps a lot with getting some ideas flowing, thank you so much!

Your very welcome my friend, let me know if you need anything else :)

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