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A wise woman once said, " Fuck this shit." And she lived happily ever after

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    Ponies for sale

    I am selling my pony collection.
    I have about a thousand ponies. Every one is different.
    There are drinks food cupcake wrappers party favors party supplies ribbons jewelry bracelets necklaces shoes socks wigs drinks candy purses backpacks keychains hundreds of blind bag figures ( some with cards) brushables large figures story tellers light up

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    Remember that horrible story I wrote

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    Hoky FUCK that was a shitty few years!!

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    Hoky FUCK that was a shitty few years!!

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    This is a real life


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Day off · 4:25pm Apr 13th, 2016

Cleaning my house, listening to Billy Joel ( so are the neighbors) and have ponies on the 70" .
Life is good

Report Pony writer · 233 views · #life is good
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Comments ( 14 )

Sounds like fun.
Can I join?

I haven't heard Billy Joel for the longest time.

3867582 of course you can!

3867583 either have I- I needed a fix

3867587 :yay:
I have a mountain of schoolwork though.

I'm not a very big Billy Joel fan, but i'm a big Queen Fan, and David Bowie :pinkiehappy: anyone else agree :twilightsmile:

"A 70in wide screen, plasma TV."
"With Netflix."

First pony to get the reference gets a cookie, also jellie you have Ponies in 70in :rainbowderp:

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